Crypto Wallet Review – Why You Should Consider Signing Up With This Broker

Crypto Wallet Review
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Read our Crypto Wallet review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Crypto Wallet is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Crypto Wallet Review

Crypto Wallet logoIn this Crypto Wallet review, I have tried to cover up all of the key features and trading services of Crypto Wallet, which is one of the great brokerage firms present out there in the industry.

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Since the advent of the internet, a vast number of brokerage platforms have shifted from conventional to online channels of trading. As a result, things have become a lot easier and convenient as compared to the past.

Traders are now able to sell and purchase bids, alter marketplace boundaries, set their targets, and assay their growth while keeping the market trends under continuous observation with a single click of their mouse. There is a wide range of online brokerage platforms available nowadays but selecting the right one among them is a tiresome and time-consuming task.

Crypto Wallet is a leading trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and it is also providing an opportunity to trade stocks, commodities, indices, and CFDs (Contracts for Differences). This Crypto Wallet review is going to disentangle things and provide details about the state-of-the-art features, tools, and services of this trading firm.

What Is Crypto Wallet?

Crypto Wallet is a brokerage platform that offers its services to worldwide spread customers. It serves a wide range of equities as well as an easy-to-use platform for its traders. Its wonderful environment can be accessed by using a desktop computer as well as mobile phones.

Because of its top-notch features and tools, earning money on Crypto Wallet has become easy and straightforward. Trading was not considered an easy task in the past, but now due to the services of Crypto Wallet, people have started to think of it as a simple task.

All the features of this broker have been designed keeping in mind users’ needs and requirements. This broker has never been linked with any scandal so far in its spotless duty. Therefore, you can depend on it and start trading your favorite assets without any hesitation.

Crypto Wallet website

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Why Should You Opt Crypto Wallet?

This is a very easy and simple question because there are so many answers to why you should choose Crypto Wallet over other available options. It is a versatile and multi-purpose trading platform designed to cater to the needs of all its customers. Now I am going to highlight some of the most promising features being provided by this broker to its traders.

Crypto Wallet is providing access to multiple trading instruments such as indices, forex, commodities, stock shares, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies in one place in a convenient manner.

It offers new and fresh instruments on a regular basis to attract those traders who like to experiment with different tactics and styles. As advertised by the company on the website, at the present moment, it is providing access to more than 200 trading assets of different kinds.

The Crypto Wallet is an amazing place for all beginners as well as expert traders. The design of this platform is minimalist, which emphasizes ease and convenience. Two important technologies featured on Moafoli’s platform are Trailing stops and guaranteed stop-loss orders (GSLO). These technologies are extremely useful in risk management as well as portfolio management for beginners.

Another notable point in the trading platform of Crypto Wallet is its compatibility. You should be aware of the fact that the trading market never stops due to any reason. No matter which assets you trade, if you want to increase your profits, you will have to remain available 24 hours a day.

This is a serious problem for those who travel frequently. But it is not a problem for those who are using Crypto Wallet because this platform is usable on every device (browser).

Not only that, if you want to trade from a public place or a friend’s home where you cannot use your laptop, then you can trade by using your mobile phone as well because Crypto Wallet has designed its platform to be compatible with mobile phones and tablets as well. It can be used on mobiles having an android operating system as well as iOS.

Wide Range Of Instruments

When trading shifted from terrestrial to digital media, separate trading interfaces were used for each trading instrument. However, it was very difficult and troublesome for traders to browse several platforms if they wanted to trade more than one asset.

Over the course of time, many websites claiming to provide multiple assets at one place became operational. Crypto Wallet is one of them as its website displays a long list of available assets. Let us have a close look at some of the assets being provided on this platform.

Crypto Wallet trading instruments

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies have evolved into a lucrative and appealing trading instrument for millions of traders throughout the globe. Now traders consider cryptocurrency a proper asset like other tradable goods and use it to diversify their portfolios by adding famous digital coins in it.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tether, Dogecoin, and Ripple are some of the well-known cryptocurrencies in high demand. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever introduced, and now it is referred to as ‘digital gold. It has been included in balance sheets and portfolios by the world’s largest tech businesses and money managers.

Apart from Bitcoin, other coins have also been fortunate in providing high profits to their holders. The cryptocurrency market cap has surpassed billions of dollars. On Crypto Wallet, you will find all cryptocurrencies to sell and purchase with just a click of your mouse. You will be just a few clicks away from the luxurious life you have always dreamt of for yourself and your family.

Stocks: If you desire to buy stocks of a particular company, you will receive the most updated statistics on marketplaces and related developments. By utilizing this information, you will have a higher probability of succeeding and earning profit. In addition, traders are provided a wide range of stocks to choose from, including stocks of some big companies such as Google, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, and Uber.

Forex: After cryptocurrencies and stocks, forex is the most demanded type of trading instrument. The Forex exchange market is enormous in terms of the number of products, daily investment volume, and market capitalization. According to estimates, investors spend trillions of dollars on forex pairs.

These currencies include the most demanded fiats and currencies from countries whose prices fluctuate dramatically. When the demand for the currency increases, their value and price also increase, and as a result, people earn more and more profit.

Commodities: The selection of one commodity to trade is challenging. In this regard, Crypto Wallet has created a supervisory team that checks the demands of users and assists them in choosing the best commodities according to the market sentiment.

This trading platform allows its traders to trade both hard and soft commodities. You will have access to a vast number of commodities such as metals, fuel, and food items, for example, gold, silver, petrol, beverages, etc.

Indices: Indices are a collection of equities and assets that are used to track the growth of a corporation. This whole-sector technology helps to examine how a market segment is functioning to better understand the business opportunities and price fluctuations. Investment in indices can be a good decision to diversify portfolios because it provides more chances of profits than trading a single asset.

Options: An option is usually an agreement in which a seller gives the purchaser the right to purchase or sell an underlying trading asset. Trading CFDs on options provides multifold advantages to traders. Options CFDs give more profit margin than other available assets like shares CFDs because, in this way, you can increase your exposure to the market.

Crypto Wallet options have no commissions and are repaid by the difference between the opening and closing prices. Risk management services are also available on Crypto Wallet’s platform to reduce the chances of financial losses.

4 Simple Steps To Get Started

There are a total of 4 steps by following which you can initiate your trading career. Most of you would have never imagined that trading is possible in just four steps, but it is actually true and happening on Crypto Wallet. Let me tell you these steps one by one.

The first step of trading is all about learning. There are many graphs, calendars, and tools of the advanced level being provided by Crypto Wallet, which may seem difficult to some traders. This is why some traders need education before starting trading professionally.

You will not have to go anywhere else because there is an education center available on the platform. This section provides all the relevant material to help the traders to get familiar with the trading platform and move to the next step.

The second step to get started is picking an account that is the most suitable according to your own needs. Crypto Wallet has thousands of traders to look after out which some are experienced, and the remaining are beginners who often feel the need to get educational help.

One account type is not suitable for all types of traders because their requirements and mental capabilities are different. To handle this problem, Crypto Wallet has designed multiple types of accounts on its platform. Their features, as well as deposit limits, vary from each other.

The lower accounts may lack some advanced features but provide all the basic ones at a very reasonable fee. After choosing your broker by closely evaluating your own needs, you will have to provide personal information in order to get registered with this fascinating broker.

The next step in this chain is to deposit funds in your account. When you select your account, you will have to transfer funds to that account, too, keeping in view the minimum deposit limit of the account you selected.

For instance, if the account you selected has a minimum deposit limit of 500 dollars, then you will need to deposit at least 500 dollars or more to begin trading on the platform. You can deposit this money with a wire transfer as well as by using your credit or debit card.

The fourth and last step will be the one which you are desperately waiting for. In this step, you will start investing your capital in your favorite assets. You can make thousands or even millions of dollars if you choose the assets wisely and keep using the advanced features and tools of Crypto Wallet.

Security Measures Taken By Crypto Wallet

Traders’ safety is a foremost point that is always prioritized by professional and reliable brokers. Some brokers don’t take this feature seriously because they are not worried about customer’s experience and don’t consider it important to provide safety features.

But Crypto Wallet is a reliable as well as a dependable professional broker who has taken every possible step to make sure that the traders experience the best trading experience of their lives. For a trader, there are many things that can make him worry, such as the trends of the market, assets to buy, where to invest, etc.

But if, in addition to these, a trader also requires to worry about the security of his assets and information, then it becomes difficult for the trader to manage his trades effectively. But in this situation, a professional broker feels a blessing in disguise because it makes trading easier and reliable. Crypto Wallet has taken its duty of providing security very seriously.

In this regard, Crypto Wallet has adopted the two most commonly trusted privacy policies. One of these policies is known as KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. As the name of the policy suggests itself, it makes it imperative for the brokerage platforms to maintain a detailed record of all their traders.

To elude any illegal and bogus registration from taking place on this platform, KYC policy demands traders provide satisfactory proof of their identity and place of living. All the respected citizens of a nation possess a valid national identity card. This validates the fact that they are a legal citizen of a country, and it is an essential step to provide scanned copies of identity cards to Crypto Wallet.

The other policy being followed by this broker is AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. This policy is implemented to keep a close eye on the transactions and deposits made by customers. This surveillance of deposits and transactions is critical because it gives the required control to brokers to be vigilant for any felonious activity such as money laundering and terror funding to take place on its platform.

These policies are sufficient to stop illegal activities, but Crypto Wallet has infused another technology as well to eliminate the security threats attached to the traders. This technology is known worldwide as SSL encryption technology which acts as a barricade between the data of traders and unauthorized access.

In other words, the encryption technology keeps the data of traders under various layers of protection. These layers maximize the security of traders’ data and help them to keep their money and personal information safe. This is proof that Crypto Wallet is not taking any risk about the trading experience of its traders, and it has taken all precautions to ensure traders’ safety.

Customer Support Service

Let us suppose that you are trading on any platform and crash into an error while making a trade. Whom will you consult if your broker is not offering a customer support service? This is a common problem being faced by a majority of traders in this market.

Brokerage platforms have neglected and forgotten that the backbone of trading platforms is the customer support service, not just the tools and features. But Crypto Wallet has withheld this point in mind and created a responsive and robust customer support service.

The members of the customer support team of Crypto Wallet are soft-spoken who work day and night to resolve the issues faced by their respected customers.

Although it is very rare if at any point you face some error during trades, you can ask for help from the dedicated and experienced team of Crypto Wallet. I have used a lot of customer support services in this field, but this one is unique and different from all the other brokerage platforms.

It cares for its customers and tries every measure to provide the ultimate satisfaction. It takes your issues seriously and never gives false hopes or long-term promises. Due to these reasons, its traders remain happy and satisfied.

Coming towards the service, Crypto Wallet remains available 24/7 for calls, but if you don’t intend to speak with an agent directly, then you can use the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section where answers to the most common questions are available.

But if you don’t find the required answer in this section, then you can contact the customer support team by using the email option, where you will be answered within minutes. Email address and phone number are available on the website.

Concluding Remarks

Crypto Wallet is a proficient brokerage platform that is not taking chances on the satisfaction of its customers. It has included all those extraordinary features which a trader may need during his trading venture. This is the reason that there are plenty of testimonials of traders who know the market more than a common man.

All the testimonials depict the same opinion that Crypto Wallet is a perfect package with remarkable features and security in addition to its customer support services. So this broker deserves a chance, and I recommend it as well, but I leave the final decision to you.