Crypto Thief Awarded 3 Years Prison in Russia

Russian miners, who were running mining activities in their houses or from their garages, were aggrieved as their mining rigs and other essential equipment was being stolen and resultantly authorities has had step and were pressurized to catch the culprits.

Multiple cases of theft were enquired into and investigated by Russian authorities and recently thief has been caught who has been awarded a sentence of approximately 3 years for stealing equipment worth more than US$ 20 K.

A man from Yaroslavl, which is a city in Russia located 250 KM away from Moscow, has been booked for stealing mining equipment. Police alleged that the Yaroslavl’s resident was responsible for stealing mining equipment from the mining farms and facilities.

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According to regional authorities, the arrested individual had stolen crypto mining hardware worth more than US$ 22,000. It was later confirmed by the office of regional prosecutor that the crypto thief was sentenced to serve 3 years in jail.

The investigators claim that the crypto thief had stolen the mining equipment from the garage of a person who happened to be his friend. The incident took place in the month of February this year, where the victim reported the crime by lodging a complaint.

Police noted that the thief entered into the premises of his friend and then stole the equipment. After stealing the mining machines, the thief initially tried to use the equipment on his own in an effort to mine cryptocurrencies. However, he could not do so because he did not know how to do so.

The case of the thief was brought before the regional district court in the area of Zavolzhsky, Yaroslavl. The man accused of stealing the mining equipment made admission before the Court that he had stolen the equipment.

It was also confirmed by the police before the Court that the stolen equipment was retrieved from the perpetrator’s custody. The equipment was later handed over back to its real owner, claimed the police. Based on the evidence and on the basis of statement of the accused, the Court then awarded him three years of imprisonment.

In Russia, there came a time, when everybody wanted to engage in crypto mining by looking it as a profitable venture. People, installed mining equipment within their houses and garages. Some even turned their garages into mining facilities and ran mining operations from the garages.

For them, it was a source of great income earning. Some used it as part time while others made it their primary source of income generation. Knowing that mining equipment involves expensive machinery, thieves too were attracted. Instead of peeking into a full-fledge crypto mining farm, they felt convenient to rob a house with crypto mining machines.

The crime then became rampant and quite alarming which then forced the local authorities to address the issue immediately and effectively. Russian Police believes that present case will set up an example for those stealing from somebody’s house.

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