Crypto Market Cap Struggles at $1.5 Trillion, BTC around $35K

With untypical stability over the weekend, cryptocurrencies witness price movements at the moment. BTC trades near $35,000, and MATIC spikes 15%.

After yesterday’s price drops, Bitcoin settles around $35K. Also, according to the 24-hour scale, besides Polygon’s MATIC, most altcoins are somehow stagnant. That is after the coin (Polygon) surged by double digits to trade at $1.4.

Alts with Minor Recoveries – Polygon 15% Uptick

It seems like the alternative coin’s market did not have a better start for this weekend. Ethereum, the leading alt, retraced to $2,500 after hitting $2,600 before a southward move to $2,250.

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However, Ethereum regained some ground, rebounding above $2,400 today after dropping to nearly $2,300.

As usual, other altcoins followed Ethereum behavior. BNB had wild fluctuations, declining to $325 from $360, bounced to $350, and now trading nearly $340.

However, according to the 24-hr scale, most alternative coins trade in the green area. Cardano jumped to $1.45 after a 3% increase. LTC, BCH, UNI, DOT, DOGE, and XRP registers either 1% gain or loss.

Among the top altcoins by market capitalization, Polygon had impressive gains. The coins surged 15% to nearly overcoming the $1.4 level.

Moreover, the mid-and lower-cap alternative coins are untypically steady. Theta Fuel (11% increase) and Quant (12% surge) were some of the few exceptions. Contrary, Nexo (7% down), Celo (8% drop), and Chiliz (11% dip) are the main losers. As a result, the total crypto market recovered about $20 billion to around $1.5 trillion.

BTC Still Stabilizes Around $35K

With El Salvador’s adoption and hints from Iran, India, and Paraguay, the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization entered the weekend trading above $37,000. However, BTC had unpredictable movements at the starting hours of the weekend, experiencing a southward move of over $2,000.

With such a transit, Bitcoin dropped beneath $35,000 in the past day. However, bulls tried to control the market, pushing the coin to over $36,000. Nonetheless, as it has been over the past months, BTC declined under $35,000 again.

Nevertheless, at the time of this publication, Bitcoin gained some dollars to sit above $35,000.

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Meanwhile, the BTC market cap remains beneath $700 billion even after reclaiming the 44% dominance mark.