Crypto Exchange Bitget Introduces A New Feature Called MegaSwap

Bitget, a notable crypto exchange operating around the world, is introducing a unique feature called “MegaSwap” to permit consumers to swap or trade the digital assets in their possession for more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies present in a DeFi atmosphere.

The customers who possess a MegaSwap account can access trade via 8 impactful chains as well as ten significant decentralized exchanges while remaining on the platform of Bitget.

Bitget Unveils MegaSwap for Exclusive DeFi Trading Experience

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The respective feature creates a link between the convenience and security of centralized finance as well as the variety and freedom of decentralized finance, letting the customers enjoy the finest things in both spaces. The consumers of the centralized exchanges can have protected trading experiences in addition to diversified services and products.

However, the customers of decentralized exchanges are additionally getting more traction among those investors that intend to obtain various tokens rapidly. Nonetheless, everyone cannot trade on decentralized exchanges.

Because of the decreased asset protection of the assets kept in the DeFi wallets and the deficiency in some people’s knowledge, several clients are reluctant to enter the decentralized exchanges.

Keeping this in view, MegaSwap has been structured to fulfill the consumers’ demands related to safe and convenient trading. This permits the consumers to integrate and establish an experience of centralized exchange in the marketplaces related to decentralized finance.

The clients just need to activate their MegaSwap account to unlock the trading function of more than 10,000 crypto tokens on the ten well-known decentralized exchanges.

These exchanges take into account Sushiswap, Curve, Pancake, Uniswap, and so on. having the facility of various DEXs, MegaSwap provides the finest options related to liquidity pools. Such features are at present compatible with the transfers on 8 different chains, taking into account OEC, HECO, Klay, Fantom, OP, Polygon, BSC, and ETH.

By having MegaSwap’s assistance, customers can accomplish cross-chain swaps straightforwardly and matchlessly in just one place. Apart from joining the benefits offered by the DEXs and CEXs, MegaSwap also offers more smoothness in the trading experience. For this, it modernizes the gas fee payment.

In comparison with the usual trading in the DeFi sector – where diverse chain-native tokens are required for the traders to recompense for gas charges implemented on the transactions – the charges from the balances of stablecoins existing in the accounts of the consumers are automatically converted by MegaSwap. This permits the customers to carry out their trading activities with minimum labor.

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MegaSwap to Revolutionize Trading by Combining DEX and CEX Features

Bitget’s managing director Gracy Chen states that MegaSwap plays the role of a significant move taken by the platform to construct a secure, robust, and dynamic trading experience in one place to reach a wide-ranged audience.

The executive added that while going through uncertainty and fluctuation during recent times, the platform has observed that the investors and users demand their assets’ protection without losing performance.

According to Chen, MegaSwap is the suitable option for such clients, enabling them to reap the advantages of decentralized exchange along with having comprehensive protection offered by the platform Bitget. Chen added that the company endeavors to provide consumers with several options as well as liquidity simultaneously.

In Chen’s words, the other things offered by the company include sufficient risk management and security-related measures. In this respect, Bitget carries out a cold and hot wallet separation, Zero-Trust security structure, multi-signature wallet, and so on.