Comparing European Investment Services: Quanloop and Bondora

Earning passive income is almost necessary today because of inflation and other factors. However, even if your wage is enough for you right now, prices continue increasing, and unforeseen circumstances might occur, so savings are always recommended in your account.

One of the best ways of accumulating passive income is by investing money. Europeans can invest money online easily through convenient investment funds. It is important to evaluate different investment options before starting your investment undertakings. This content will teach you about two modern investment funds, Quanloop and Bondora.


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That is an alternative investment fund that welcomes European investors. It is necessary to have an IBAN account to earn online through this service. Any EU/EEA citizen above 18 years old can invest with Quanloop. Before investing funds, creating and setting up a user account is necessary. After that, people can invest automatically.


  • The lowest investment requirement is 1 euro. In addition, there are no investment charges involved.
  • Users can generate a 12% return on average each year.
  • All investments are highly liquid here; investors can receive their capital back daily.
  • Three investment plans are available with different risk levels to suit all investors.


  • Quanloop chooses all the borrowers, and investors can only offer their capital to pool on the platform.
  • There needs to be more information about borrowing companies.


It is a peer-to-peer service that also comes from Estonia. This service was launched in 2008. It is a platform where investors can select their borrowers before investing. People and businesses can make their investments here, although it is necessary to come from the EU and EEA. In addition, SEPA transfers are preferable. This platform offers more freedom for investors to choose where to invest money online.


  • People can also make small investments on this platform, starting with one euro.
  • Different investment plans are available. They differ based on the level of active involvement the investor wants.
  • When referring friends to the platform, earning a 5% bonus from their investments is possible. It is possible to gain 10 thousand euros max this way.


  • The return percentage earned on average is 9% per annum. That is a comparatively low rate in the current market.
  • All investors need to fill in their tax declarations themselves without any assistance from the service.

Choosing the Best Platform

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When deciding on an investment service, it is important to consider a few things. By checking these criteria first, you can find a perfect investment fund for you and invest efficiently with acceptable risks:

Return rate – you should know the average return to see how much money you can generate by passive investing. Each service has an average return, and some platforms can offer considerably better payouts than others.

Risks involved – all investments involve some risks, and it is crucial to have convenient tools for risk management, such as risk plans. Even if you are a beginner in this sphere, you can use an investment plan with the lowest risks to start your portfolio.

Payment methods – some platforms only accept SEPA transfers, the others provide a selection of banking options. Ensure that the platform has at least one viable payment option.

By considering these criteria, you can find an investment solution that works best for you.