CoiniBank Review – A Versatile Trading Experience

CoiniBank Review

CoiniBank ReviewTrading has grown significantly in the past few years that I have been trading. And while it is not a new concept, the sheer number of people making their way to trading is nothing short of amazing. These new traders have most likely come to trade after hearing the many stories of people reaping in massive fortunes from trading.

Although the stories are definitely true, the expectations that they leave people with is less so. People think that they can make millions in a matter of weeks, with potentially no risk. Though you can certainly make your million by trading, it will not happen as quickly. And a great place to start your trading journey is a versatile platform like CoiniBank.

Asset Offerings

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The main selling point for any broker is always their asset offerings. The features, trading platforms, and even the account types that a broker offers all come secondary to their list of assets, even if they are major parts of the experience.

Seeing how important a list of assets is for a broker, how does CoiniBank’s list of assets stack? For the most part, their list of assets is quite competitive. While it is certainly not game changing in any way, it is still very good.

They allow their users to trade in some of the most common assets. These include some of the biggest financial markets such as forex trading, as well as lesser used assets that include commodities like silver and gold. They also offer crypto trading in some currencies like BitCoin and Ethereum, as well as bonds and ETFs. Finally, traders can also invest in stocks, which is probably the go to market for most people.

As a new trader, having all these options makes for an incredible learning experience. On the other hand, intermediate and veteran traders can diversify their portfolio in a major way.

Diverse Account Types

Brokers have a lot of traders that use their platform. They have traders that are trading for the first time as well as the veterans that have been trading for many years. They have clients that don’t know what they want from this experience, as well clients that know exactly what they want.

Therefore, in order to cater to all of these different traders, brokers unanimously started offering their clients different account types. In fact, it is hard to find a broker that does not offer dedicated account types to their traders. But while the system of different account types is certainly there, they tend to differ in their features and services.

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CoiniBank also offers different account types, each of which caters to a different trader. Their beginner account is the Basic account which offers an account manager as well as an education center. Their intermediate accounts, standard and silver, offer much of the same except for a few key differences. The intermediate accounts receive trade alerts and have access to live webinars and a senior account manager.

All in all, they offer great variety to their traders, even if their services are more of the same.

Trading Platform

With brokers coming online, they needed a trading platform that will need a trading platform that matches with their brand. A good trading platform is essential to a good broker, as it allows their users to trade easily and stress free.

Traders today live in a time where everything that they use is optimized to save them time and make everything seamless. Therefore, if anything does not have good optimization, then it can be hard for customers to stay with it. The same thing applies with the brokers and their trading platforms, as traders will often choose a seamless experience over anything else.

Fortunately, bad user interfaces are hard to come by these days. Since most companies spend a lot of their budget creating a seamless experience, a bad UI is hard to come by. The same goes for CoiniBank and their trading platform.

Their platform is simple and minimalistic, ensuring that there is nothing more on your screen other than the essentials. Other than the very simple aesthetics, it also has everything just a few clicks or taps away.


Security is always a very serious concern for traders when they are about to start their trading journey. Not only does a broker hold precious personal information, but they also hold their funds. Therefore, in the event of a cyber attack, both your information and assets will be at risk.

Since its early days, a lot has changed about online brokers, especially their security. Security is now much tighter, and there are fewer chances for people to hack into their system. Companies also incorporate various other security measures to ensure a safe trading experience.

CoiniBank also offers tight security to its traders. They have implemented the KYC and AML security policies, despite them not qualifying as a financial institution. Of course, a direct result of the KYC and AML policies is that brokers ask for what would otherwise be sensitive information.

By requesting this information, they can easily find out if there are traders that are trying to misuse their platform. Scammers or hackers can be easy to detect thanks to the security measures in place during registration.

As for security when using the platform, CoiniBank encrypts user data so that only authorized personnel can view it. Moreover, their waviest makes use of SSL security, which creates a secure tunnel for your information to travel through.

Learning the Art of the Trade

Regardless of what anyone says, trading is difficult. And the sooner that you can accept that simple fact, the sooner you will start your journey to improving as a trader. You will have to take fewer more calculated risks, along with a lot of classes before you are good. Furthermore, try not to go “all or nothing” in some deals, as they might end up disappointing you considerably. Just remember to take the learning process slow and make the most of what you learn.