Cardano-Based Apexaverse Launches Play-to-Earn 3D Game in the Metaverse

Apexaverse, a DeFi center for blockchain-powered gaming application that utilizes the Cardano network is launching a 3D space that allows players to experience different parts of the metaverse. 

Reports say that Apexaverse is listed as one of the top options for creating a gaming catalog of several play-to-earn games. The center also holds a reputation of NFT-related gaming apps, and other tokens with staking possibilities.

Apexaverse reportedly creates its games within the protocol, which borders around play-to-earn fundamentals. The creators say they’re including the P2E gameplay options so as towards adding value to players’ time on the software. 

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Additionally, Apexaverse says that it intends to set up a project where users can individually alter the software’s history through staking abilities. The gaming center reportedly boasts a following of more than 25,000 gaming enthusiasts.

Details of the Game’s Features

Other important characteristics of Apexaverse games include prizes, non-fungible tokens, personalized gaming feature, a trading platform for NFTs, opportunities to explore, and a gaming community. The personalized gaming feature allows players to possess additional armory or weaponry. 

The personalized gaming option also lets gamers build their abilities to strengthen specific characters. Per the provision for digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens, gamers can utilize this feature in generating passive income. Gamers can also buy digital lands in the virtual avatar world.

Moreover, players could also buy or sell existing products in the Apexaverse trading platform or create new items themselves for the market. Apart from generating passive income by selling digital assets, Apexaverse players could raise their incomes by completing gaming objectives. 

Examples of such gaming objectives include completing missions, winning a fight or emerging as champions in a competition. If you yet seek more rewards from the 3D Metaverse gaming software from Apexaverse, then your final option would be to explore the software’s terrain, graphic designs, and different gameplay scenes.

The Apexaverse gaming software has a trading area for non-fungible tokens where gamers could purchase, sell, or auction collectibles with other individuals. With any of the options, player can convert their gaming skills and spare time into passive income.

Further reports say that the AXV token functions as the primary currency within the game. However, the token, which has a current market supply of 10 billion, also serves several other uses. For instance, owners could exchange their AXV tokens earned from prizes or staking activities.

More on Elon Musk’s Proposed Twitter Takeover

A senior officer at Ripple, the company behind Solana cryptocurrency, has criticized Elon Musk’s Twitter take over plan. The Ripple senior staff said that the world’s richest man intended to privatize the social media network in the bid to create space for his favorite political speeches. 

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Meanwhile, Elon Musk had announced that one of his main purposes for proposing a takeover is to optimize free speech restrictions on the platform. Musk says he wants a platform where there’s equal representation of views from different thinking perspectives. 

However, the Ripple executive alleged that such a degree of freedom would open the floor for “unreasonable” people and affect “reasonable” users on the platform. Musk, who already holds a reputation in the space, electric automobile, and Internet industries, says he’s also considering building his social media platform. Perhaps that’s Musk’s plan B if his proposal gets a rejection.