Bulltrade24 Scam or Legit? Is Bulltrade24 A Recommended Trading Platform?

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Read our Bulltrade24 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Bulltrade24 is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Bulltrade24 Review

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In the last couple of decades, there have been a lot of changes and people have seen various new trends pop up. While most of these trends emerge and die out with time, there is one that has remained constant over the years; online trading.

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You can follow some steps to figure things out. This is what you should do when you find Bulltrade24. A broker offering you Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on their platform, it is located in Limassol, Cyprus. Despite being relatively new as opposed to the other brokers in the market, you will find that Bulltrade24 has quickly developed a strong reputation for itself.

One of the oldest professions, trading has always been profitable, but there was a time when it wasn’t for everyone due to its complexities. Technology has simplified trading as well, much like numerous other processes and industries. Today, the trading market is brimming with opportunities and there are many traders all over the globe that want a slice of this pie.

If you are one of these people, you don’t need much to begin. Having lots of money for investing is just a myth because you can start trading even with a minimal sum, depending on the broker you choose. Yes, that’s right; a broker is still very much needed and in fact, can play a crucial role in your trading success. Thus, this decision needs to be made after some thought and effort. How can you do that? You have to take the following steps:

Step 1: Look at what they offer

The first thing that has appealed to most traders about Bulltrade24 is its asset index. When you take a look at the sheer number of CFDs available, you will also be impressed. Within this short span of time, they have added 200 options and these belong to different financial markets. This means that those who sign up with this broker can have a truly diversified portfolio, allowing them to maximize their returns.

Bulltrade24 offers you the chance to trade in the forex market with various currency pairs divided into major and minor categories, along with rare and exotic options to keep things interesting. A lucrative option in the form of indices is also available, which look at the big picture when it comes to the economy.

The stock market is also a popular choice amongst traders and you can find that as well. Commodity trading is a safer option for many, so Bulltrade24 has included those too. They have also integrated cryptocurrencies on their platform to provide a well-rounded index.

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Bulltrade24 offerings

Step 2: Check registration requirements

Once you have the assets you want to trade, you now look at how you can register with Bulltrade24. Are the requirements too complicated? Some brokers do have tough requirements, which can be time-consuming, but this is not one of those brokers. To register here, you go to their website, click on the signup option and fill out the form.

The form asks for very basic information like first and last name, country, phone number, email address, and password. It takes a couple of minutes to complete. You need to check the broker’s Terms & Conditions on their website, agree with them and you are register.

Step 3: Open an account

After you have registered, opening an account is the next step to complete and like many other brokers, Bulltrade24 has also come up with several choices for you to choose from. These account options are designed for traders from different backgrounds, with varying levels of experience and risk tolerances.

You will find five options at your disposal and can go over each before you select one that fits you best. The first option is the basic account that asks for a deposit of €250, has a leverage of 1:10, an account manager, a platform walkthrough, and a 50% bonus. Silver account has a minimum deposit of €10,001, 1:20 leverage, a 75% bonus, technical education, and a senior account manager.

Gold account by Bulltrade24 asks for a minimum deposit of €20,001, gives a 100% bonus, 1:30 leverage, and an executive account manager. The platinum account needs a deposit of €100,001, gives a 150% bonus with 1:40 leverage, and a VIP account manager. The diamond account gives you a BDG account manager, all educational resources, and all periods and asks for a deposit of €200,001. You can go over the different choices and select one account to start trading at Bulltrade24.

Bulltrade24 Account Opening

Step 4: Making a deposit

As stated above, to open an account, there are some minimum deposit requirements you have to fulfill. But, how will you add funds? To let you do that, Bulltrade24 has added some payment options and you need to take a look in order to choose one.

First off, you can make your deposits through bank wire transfer options, which means using your bank account directly. If you don’t want that option, the broker has added the choice of credit and debit cards for your convenience. You can use Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro for depositing your funds to start trading.

Step 5: Beginning your trading journey

How will you trade? Bulltrade24 provides a trading platform for you to start trading. It is a web-based platform, which means it is accessible via the website and doesn’t have to be downloaded. The platform offers excellent trade execution, one-click trading, charting tools, and graphs for better trades and is secure and powerful.

Trading is a breeze due to its user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any complex steps. If you are looking for a more mobile solution, the broker has also developed apps that can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. These are designed to help people in trading on the move and taking advantage of all trading opportunities, as soon as they present themselves.


With these steps, you can become acquainted with the broker and it tells you that Bulltrade24 has done a good job in providing their clients with everything they need for strengthening their trading portfolio.