Bitwest Group Review, – Is BitwestGroup Scam or a Trusted Broker?

Bitwest Group Review


Read our Bitwest Group review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. BitwestGroup is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Bitwest Group Review

Bitwest Group logoWhen you talk to people around you who are trading actively, you will notice a pattern that will surprise you. In fact, it might come to you as a shock that a lot of online traders are always switching from one platform to another.

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Bitwest Group homepage

What makes them make these switches? Are they in the habit of hopping from one broker to another. Not really! If you talk to them, they just keeping looking for that one ideal platform that will give them all. If you are searching for the same, continue reading this BitwestGroup review.

I decided that I was going to write this Bitwest Group review because I wanted to help traders settle. I wanted to tell them that they could be on the same platform and continue trading for many years. Read the complete review to know more.

Multiple Trading Account Choices

Let’s begin from the very start when you have to choose one of the trading accounts to go with. When you sign up with this broker, you first have to make a choice as to which account you will pay for. Yes, you will have to make a deposit to open a trading account. However, budget restraints and other reasons will not stand a chance when you go with Bitwest Group broker.

The company has offered you multiple options that are different from each other based not only on their features but the amount needed to activate them. So, if you are on a budget, you can go with a basic trading account that requires a very small amount to activate. If you are not restrained by a limited budget and want to enjoy trading in its full glory, you can go with a pro trading account with a bigger deposit.

BitwestGroup trading accounts

Plenty of Free Features

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You join the platform for trading, but there are plenty of free features waiting for you when you go with Bitwest Group broker. So, what you have to know is that opening a trading account lets you access trading education, trading charts, and many markets. However, there are some other great features you will get that might not be offered by other brokers. Bitwest Group broker lets you enjoy trading alerts and signals to help you improve your trading predictions. These alerts are provided to all the traders for free.

So, what happens is that you can decide how you will receive these notifications. You can get them on SMS or through email. As soon as a big movement takes place in the market, you will be notified by Bitwest Group broker through a trading alert.

Unbeatable Trading Conditions

You feel this personal connection with the company that makes trading conditions favorable for you. I don’t mean that they will not charge you any spreads or pick the trades on your behalf. However, I do want to tell you that there are many ways for a platform to help you with your trading decisions. For example, it might offer you leveraged trading on every asset you like. Bitwest Group trading platform has leverages available for traders regardless of their market and asset choices. Crypto traders can enjoy leveraged traders just like forex or stocks traders.

In fact, most brokers would shy away from leveraging crypto trading but Bitwest Group trading platform is different and lets you enjoy leverages even on crypto trades. Secondly, the spreads are already pretty tight, but with certain accounts and assets, they are even tighter.

Help Center and Support

Get the support you deserve when you have a question or you have run into a situation you can’t resolve. Bitwest Group trading platform has a proper customer support department dedicated to helping you throughout the week days.

These professionals will listen to you, acknowledge your concerns, and then provide you with an apt solution to your problem. Furthermore, a help center on the website contains answers to most of the questions that traders have when they are new. It can help you get assistance without ever calling or waiting in the queue. support

Is Bitwest Group Scam or Legit?

Rather than worrying about its legitimacy, I think traders should focus on the fact that this broker is out there only for them. Not a lot of brokers are as friendly to traders as this one. Its trading conditions are quite flexible so all new and experienced traders feel like they have a perfect chance at growing further and doing more. It’s a reliable broker.

Final Thoughts

Looking at these features, I’m sure you also feel that this broker is for you. Its trading platform is designed for you and that you will certainly grow when you join it. There is a big world beyond this Bitwest Group review if you visit the website of this platform and look at all the features you are offered with different trading accounts.