Bitcoiners to be introduced to Decentralized Finance by has revealed that it plans to expose the Bitcoin (BTC) community to the world of decentralized finance (Defi). The cryptocurrency platform has revealed that it plans to expand its own ecosystem. For this purpose, it wants to introduce its users to Defi technology.

Integration of Decentralized Services

According to, its mission is to expand its service portfolio so the users can benefit as much as possible. It wants the users to take advantage of the vast ecosystem it has to offer.

As per the executives, they want to achieve their goal by introducing new services to their platform. One of the major services they are planning to integrate and introduce is a decentralized exchange (DEX).

KBW 2022

It was during the Korea Blockchain Week 2022 that revealed its plans. Corbin Fraser, the head of financial services at, revealed that their plans are for the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

In the past, was known for being connected with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However, the situation will now change as they are planning to look ahead to these basic cryptocurrencies.

They have big plans, and Defi platforms and services are part of them. They aim to become a facilitator of Defi technology and cater to the users’ needs.

With their technology, they will be able to offer their users the ability to avail of Defi services on multiple chains.

Many users on their platform are eager to gain exposure to services besides BTC and BCH. However, they must be cautious because Defi is complicated and complex.

A Friendly Crypto Wallet

Fraser added that they want their users to have a much more user-friendly and convenient cryptocurrency wallet. They have already started developing a cryptocurrency wallet that is expected to be very friendly and understandable.

In addition to the cryptocurrency wallet, they plan to release a new prepaid debit card. They want their users to have a remarkable experience, and for this purpose, they will introduce a new prepaid debit card.

Moreover, they will also be running sales for the token, which is to help the users benefit as much as possible.

With the new prepaid debit card, the users can earn rewards based on their usage and top-up consistencies.

They will also be launching rewarding campaigns so the users can benefit from their new services as much as possible.

It is expected that the Bitcoin community will benefit tremendously from introducing the new services. The trading price of Bitcoin and BCH may also gain from these newly introduced services by