Bitcoin Hash Rate Approaches ATH as Crypto Mining Resettles

  • The global hash rate nears an ATH as BTC mining resettles in different counties as China’s exist.
  • com data shows BTC hash rate surged to 172M terahashes every second.
  • The China mining migrant benefited new facilities in nations with cheap electricity sources, like Canada, the US, Norway, and Iceland. data indicates that BTC’s hash rate increased to 172M terahashes per second. This indicator measures difficulty in minting new coins, and it has not touched these highs since May.

As part of China’s negative attitude on crypto this year, the nations banned crypto mining early in May. China cited issues related to environmental impact. Keep in mind that mining assets like BTC consume lots of electricity. The clampdown spread to China’s regions with their energy protocols facilitating China’s popularity as the previous leader in global hash rate contribution.

The United States now faces this distinction. Cambridge data indicates that most miners relocated to the US following China’s exit. Meanwhile, the Chinese ban has benefited new facilities in other nations with cheap electricity sources, including Canada, Norway, and Iceland.

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Analysts say that switching to efficient equipment contributed to the improved hash rates. Bitfury, a crypto mining firm, attributes the boosted hash rates to new online equipment, not relocating China’s equipment. The company said that equipment in China was inefficient to operate in new regions.


Though China’s crypto ban translated to price dips during summer, the price recovered the fall steadily. Besides increased demand, crypto miners took advantage of the production capacity shortage. For instance, United States miners like Riot Blockchain and Marathon Digital have higher 2022 forecasts, expecting to install new facilities in Colorado and Texas, respectively.

Though hash rates recovered, the Chinese crypto ban still impacts the overall production rate. Bitfury believes the total production rate remains lower amid China’s effect.

Crypto specialist Bitooda chief strategy officer Sam Doctor trusts reflected the past year-end prediction of 198M terahashes per second. The official trusts hash rates between 180M and 190M terahashes per second are reasonable.

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