Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Plunging: Should You Invest Now?

Downtrends can mean lucrative opportunities to buy, but should you consider investing in BTC and Ether now?

  • The last two months had BTC and ETH falling significantly.
  • In some scenarios, it might be the time to accumulate at affordable prices.
  • Nevertheless, interested individuals need to beware of risks related to buying digital coins.

Indeed, Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced rough sessions within the past few months. The tokens have recorded downside actions since hitting record peaks in November. Bitcoin wavers 36% lower from its record high, while Ether lost approximately 30% since touching its ATH.

Various factors may contribute to the latest crash in the crypto world, including the Kazakhstan internet blackout and Fed’s hawkish commentary on financial markets. Remember, Kazakhstan is a vital hub for BTC mining.

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Though the latest crash may confuse market players, some instances mean buying opportunities for individuals that want affordable investments. BTC and Ether are the most expensive digital tokens, trading near $41,700 and $3,150, respectively.

However, their ATHs near $70K and $4.9K mean the assets are on clearance at the moment. Nevertheless, you might need more info before investing in these tokens.

Should You Invest in BTC and ETH?

Indeed market falls tempt individuals to accumulate assets as they are affordable. However, you need to evaluate your desirable investment before buying any digital coin. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain speculative as all cryptos. That means no one can predict their long-term trends. Meanwhile, these coins have lucrative advantages that might help them surge with time.

For instance, BTC can serve as a store of wealth and hedge against inflation. Though skepticism remains on how effective BTC hedges against inflation, the coin seems to attract investors as global inflation surge. Also, Ethereum might see massive growth this year as it awaits the ETH2.0 update, shifting to a faster, affordable, and energy-efficient project.

Should You Buy Now?

Keep in mind that crypto assets are volatile, and prices might crash or soar at any time. However, anyone interested in buying ETH or BTC should prepare for a long-term game. Do not expect to purchase the assets today and sell for quick profits in the coming few weeks.

However, the tokens have their weaknesses and strengths. If you can manage high risks and are willing to hodl regardless of volatility, you can consider Bitcoin and Ethereum now.

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