Bitcoin and CBDC Both Have a Go from Argentinian President But Central Bank Disagrees

As per the latest reports, Alberto Fernandez, the president of Argentina has shown great interest in digital assets. The president has stated that he is ready to welcome the digital assets in the country with legal status.

He showed great interest in digital assets stating that central bank digital currency and cryptocurrencies are the future of financing. Therefore, it is very important for the country to advance along with the curious countries that are interested in adopting cryptocurrencies and CBDC.

He stated that in the past couple of years, digital assets have proven their worth and demand on a global scale. No country can deny the fact that cryptocurrencies have played a huge role in keeping their economies alive and running.

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He stated that there are several countries from all over the world trying to push away cryptocurrencies due to financial and economic uncertainties. According to the President of Argentina, people are just waiting for the right time and for the government to legalize such advancements.

One of the reporters from a local news channel was able to get a statement out of the President of Argentina during a meeting. In the meeting, a reporter asked a direct question to the president of Argentina about what he thinks of cryptocurrencies.

This was the first-ever time the Argentinian President opened about cryptocurrencies and CBDC and shared his views surrounding them. He stated that it is currently most important and very critical for the country to adopt both crypto and CBDC technology.

When it comes to the adoption of CBDC, Argentina needs to have the policy of China, working tirelessly on the CBDC. As for cryptocurrencies, Argentina needs to adopt the way El Salvador has adopted cryptocurrencies and added them to their legal tenders list.

He stated that although he does not want to rush things in the adoption of CBDC and the digital assets, he sees no point in not adopting them. He stated that if the country wants to benefit from cryptocurrencies and the CBDCs, then it is the right time to do it.

Despite the president of Argentina supporting cryptocurrencies, Miguel Pesce, the head of the central bank of Argentina had something to talk about cryptocurrencies.

Pesce continued with his own statements claiming that he may crackdown against the cryptocurrency industry in the upcoming days. He stated that he does not support cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature.

He added that cryptocurrencies have no such physical existence, making it extremely difficult to trust them. When it comes to the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, the central bank of Argentina, as well as other institutions in the country are against crypto.

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