Axie Infinity (AXS) Surges 140% since Last Week

Briefly –

  • AXS gains high than other digital coins after surging about 140% over the past seven days.
  • The asset had its trading volumes and market cap rising as it trades at $39.42.
  • The Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based project involving a battling and trading game. The game gained popularity over the past few months due to the multiple features available for players.
  • Other gaming systems like Enjin and Decentraland have gained since last week, but you cannot compare their upticks to what AXS registered.

Various digital coins seem to gain ground after the many weeks full of bearish sentiments. Though the current market conditions have witnessed most projects going green, Axie Infinity’s AXS stood out.

AXS led the uptick pack by gaining more than 140% over the past seven days. While dwarfing other related projects, the altcoin managed to claim its ATH.

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What is AXS (Axie Infinity)?

Axie Infinity is a battling and trading game based on blockchain. With the game, users can breed and produce tokens known as Axies. Axies are highly flexible as far as customization is concerned. Each of the coins has varying strengths and attributes.

The project allows gamers to earn extra money by converting in-game assets for real cash. The project’s success has had some individuals quitting their jobs to enjoy Axie while making money.

For now, Axie has more than 350,000 active users, with indications of impressive growth. The circulating AXSs in the market amount to 60,907,500, while the maximum fixed number is 270,000,000 AXS.

Axie’s Massive Gains

CoinMarketCap data reveals that AXS has increased by 149% since last week to stand at $39.01. With such price actions, AXS leads the top-100 digital coins as far as gains are concerned.

AXS has its market cap at $2.3 billion, ranking 44th by total crypto capitalization for now. The meteoric surge placed the token at its ATH at $49.52 on Sunday. The coin saw trading volumes spikes as well.

Compared to other gaming ecosystems, AXS stays far ahead. Keep in mind that Decentralized gained 25.62% while Enjin surged 26.09% in the previous seven days.

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Axies Infinity started noting gains as Bitcoin saw price spikes. At the moment, BTC hovers at $38,334. Any of its moves can detect alts’ future.