Archie Comics Teams Up With Palm NFT Studio

According to information released, Comic Book Series, “Archie Comics” is introducing its new chapter using the cryptocurrency space, through NFTs.

Archie Comic NFT Collection

Very soon, famous book series, “Archie Comics” is going to release its newest version through an NFT collection by the name of “Archieverse: Eclipse NFT”, which is a collection that is inspired by the popular comic series, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. The famous comic series has developed a partnership with popular NFT Studio Palm, hoping to introduce the largest writing space present through blockchain technology.

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Release Date, Artists and More

As for the launch date, the NFT collection is expected to be released on the 16th of May this year. The price tag of the collection is said to be around $66 for each unit, developed with the combined skills from experienced Archie Artist, Laura Braga and Vincenzo Federici. Further information revealed that the collection will be minting more than 66,000 individual characters and will have around 3Billion possible outcomes.

Features of the Collection

The unique thing about this new NFT collection is that the fans and community will have the ability to build archie’s next plotline using a voting system. In addition to that, fans will also be able to produce their own art and generate it on the blockchain, promoting engagement event further. According to the official twitter account of Archieverse NFT collection, fans will be able to play, create and then be rewarded for their participation respectively.

Massive Writing Space

NFT owners who possess the characters will have the chance to propose their own plotlines and with the expansion of the plotline, contributing towards the overall canon story, top creators and contributors will receive their rewards for their hard work and dedication. This is connected to the writing space mentioned above, in which NFT owners determine the fate of their characters.

Palm Studio and Comic NFTs

Additionally, information shared revealed that Archie Comics chose Palm NFT Studio to guide them, because of their impressive record of powering Web3-based projects by utilizing their valuable skills that include creativity, mechanisms and economical strategies.

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The studio has quite the history of guiding comic brands into the cryptocurrency space. Palm NFT studios was also the one to power the Batman NFT collection, also called as the Bat Cowl Collection, boasting more than 200,000 unique pieces of art.