An Employee from US Government is Accused of Mining Cryptocurrencies Illegally

As the cryptocurrency industry continues growing larger in size, profits, and adoption, it is becoming too hard for people to ignore it. However, there are many people from around the world who are compelled to resort to illegal and unethical means to acquire cryptocurrencies.

There are people that are misusing their power and environment in order to benefit and run illegal operations. Just recently, it was a man from South Korea who was caught using the energy resources of a major company, in order to mine cryptocurrencies in the basement.

This time, it is a person from the United State and surprisingly, the person is part of the government. This shows that even people from the government level are eager to get their hands on cryptocurrencies.

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The person that has been alleged with carrying out illegal mining activities for cryptocurrencies is from the clerk office of Suffolk County in New York. The authorities have revealed that the person involved in the illegal mining activities is Christopher Naples. He is an IT operations supervisor at the mentioned facility in NY.

The authorities have revealed that using his power and authority in the department, Naples placed several crypto mining rigs inside the facility. Naples reportedly had the mining rigs placed in different locations of the facility where he was working. The particular facility where he placed the rigs was the Riverhead Center in New York.

In the report of the investigation, the authorities revealed that Naples had reportedly placed a total of 46 rigs for cryptocurrency mining at the particular center. In order to keep the equipment safe from other people, he placed the equipment at very discreet and isolated spots within the facility.

The report suggests that Naples placed the rigs in spots such as underneath the floorboards and unused wall panels for electricity. This report was published by the police authorities on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

When the cryptocurrency industry was first launched, the only way to acquire cryptocurrencies was through mining. Although the process was initially cheap and did not cost much, it became really expensive as the crypto-sector gained pace in 2020.

Over the course of time, the provision of cryptocurrencies continues halving, making the process expensive with every halving. However, people still want to get their hands on as many cryptocurrencies as possible. If they are in a place where they can exploit the resources and use energy to mine cryptocurrencies, then they go ahead with that.

This is exactly what Naples resorted to in order to mine cryptocurrencies, but like other people, he eventually got caught. Naples was caught when the electrical costs at the facility faced an increase worth up to $6,000. Upon search of the facility to find any faults causing electricity wastage or surges, the mining rigs were established.