AI Chatbot For Crypto-Analysis Was Released By OpenAI

A user’s nightmare or a dream came true – this AI-power crypto-related chatbot was finally released.

The new technology that might be utilized to examine various crypto traders and smart contracts will serve as a way to discover the weaknesses of cryptocurrency platforms. The users’ community might hugely benefit from it. 

A new chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has been found by the online crypto community, and it can be utilized to inform engineers about smart-contract exposures and display potential unlawful users and the way they might take advantage of them. 

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The OpenAI-developed chatbot 

ChatGPT was made to talk conversationally, respond to follow-up inquiries, and acknowledge errors. It was made available on November 30.

However, as they can be used to find security holes in smart contracts, some Twitter users have observed that bots have an opportunity to be utilized for the good or for the bad.

The bot identified a re-entrant exposure in the contract that permitted the abuser to repeatedly withdraw money from it and gave a sample of how to fix the problem.

An attacker of the Decentralized Finance platform this spring, Fei Protocol, used the same kind of exploit to pocket $80 million.

After Vulnerable Smart provides the chatbot with his contract as input, others share the chatbot’s results. 

The crypto investigators might be out of work, as tweeted by the crypto analysts in response to a picture of the ChatGPT that contained the precise code required to patch the Solidity smart-contract danger.

The program was put to the test and discovered that it was capable of producing code and examples of codes for non-fungible tokens based on Ethereum using simple language prompts. 

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The still-existing code flaws

No matter the fact that AI bots can check smart-contract functions, they weren’t created specifically for this reason and lots of users have problems with some sorts of the generated solutions and reports from the Ai bot.

Voice interfaces will be a major issue, as predicted by the crypto experts, and tools like ChatGPT might be able to immediately respond to queries and maybe even finish projects or even learn new things.