ADA Price Surges as Cardano Network Undergoes Technical Upgrade

The financial and banking sector in the USA is currently undergoing one of the biggest economic pressures in history. The government has decided to raise interest rates and offer some relief to the failing banks that have succumbed to a liquidity crisis.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market is facing additional pressure from the regulators, and there is an environment of unease within the US jurisdiction. In the middle of this havoc, the Cardano blockchain has introduced its latest version.

It is important to mention Cardano blockchain has recently faced some controversy related to its CIP 1694 proposal. However, the core developers of the Cardano network have decided to keep working on improving the blockchain network regardless of these speculations.

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To this end, the Cardano blockchain has now added its latest version on the mainnet, namely 1.35.6. This update is touted as a critical addition to the blockchain project.

Cardano Blockchain’s Latest Version Introduces P2P Capability

Despite the increasing economic and regulatory pressures, the cryptocurrency market is on a new wave of positive correction. Cardano has joined this appreciation wave by introducing its latest version online.

The node of Cardano has enabled peer-to-peer or P2P trading options for the investors on this network. This P2P functionality is also dynamic and has increased the resilience of the Cardano blockchain. As per the official sources, this node went live on the blockchain on March 16th as read on the GitHub entry.

The core developers of the Cardano blockchain have told the media that this node has introduced P2P support without making any changes in the development network. Therefore, the genesis infrastructure of the blockchain is still operational as a parallel alternative.

This node is designed keeping in view the 1.35 version of the Cardano blockchain; it was able to activate the P2P capabilities. Since the update has gone live, the prices of the native currency of the Cardano blockchain have also improved.

The native currency of Cardano, namely ADA, has improved on account of the latest node upgrade. Crypto market aggregators have reported that the per unit price of ADA has moved by 4.37% within the last 24 hours.

However, during the last 7 days, ADA appreciated by 10.71% while it rallied by 11.30% on the monthly scale. Therefore, the prices of ADA currently stand at $0.349. These price changes are within the expected projections of the Cardano community and investors.

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The investors have been expecting ADA to gain $0.3861 before the end of the current month. On the other hand, it seems that the latest update has also improved the commercial interest and enterprise adoption of the Cardano native currency.

On the other hand, some automation crypto market algorithms like PricePrediction have projected bearish signals for ADA.