12 Million XRP Has Been Transferred To An Anonymous Address AS Ripple Continues to Attract Investors

As at the time of writing this, 12,000,000 XRP coins were transferred from Bittrex to an unidentified crypto address, by a whale according to the official Whale Alert Twitter Account. We are talking about a total of $10, 422,657 worth of XRP.

CoinMarketCap statistics shows that XRP, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, has seen a 6.50 per cent increase in price.

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According to Bithomp’s data, the unregistered cryptocurrency wallet belongs to the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea.

The SEC’S Staff Does Not Feel They Will Win This Case

Some of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) workers, according to their Commissioner Hester Peirce, do not believe the agency would be able to reach the goal it set for itself when it began its investigation into Ripple Labs in December 2019.

Despite these rumours, CryptoLaw’s founder, John Deaton, has stated that he does not expect the litigation to be concluded in March.

The Value Of XRP Is Predicted To Increase By 15%

Even though the Sunday session concluded with a flat top, the ASIA-PAC area saw an increase in the price of XRP on Monday morning. Investors and market players who were eager to buy at any price put forth bullish signals. With $0.8784 in the positive – almost exactly versus $0.8791, a significant historical level – ASIA PAC has already achieved some amazing numbers. ASIA PAC is being driven by this demand.

The price of Ripple then experienced a rejection, bringing the price below the day’s gains of 2%. The European session is expected to trade sideways, which is bullish news. During the US trading day, the price is likely to increase over $0.8791, as the most substantial volume will be on the side of bears seeking to keep the price at that level, but they will eventually be forced out. At $0.90 today, the 200-day SMA will operate as a price cap, with the price predicted to rise to $1 by the end of the week.

Investors continue to find XRP intriguing

Using Ripple’s open-source technology, digital currency transactions may be made quickly and cheaply. XRP is the Ripple blockchain’s native digital asset. Numerous Ripple products use it to enable currency conversions and transfers. A list of trusted nodes is provided by Ripple for the operation of the XRP network, rather than being completely decentralized like other cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, the $0.8 price level of XRP appears to be stable, occasionally printing minor gains that keep XRP appealing to investors. XRP is a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold on exchanges. However, due to the XRP debate, numerous exchanges have delisted it, so you can’t buy it there like you can with other coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

XRP is currently trading at $0.8878, a rise of 6.50 per cent in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

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