Wonder Woman-Themed NFTs Have Now Amassed $2 Million In Sales

The popularity of NFTs continues to rise in the last few months, as the small market continues to be one with many admirers. However, what has been persistent in the news of recent, is the amount of revenue space is generating recently. Space has already thwarted the $250 million it made the whole of last year, as it had reportedly made about $300 million already this year. However, in a new report from the space, a new series of NFTs, also known as digital artworks, has now amassed about $2 million in sales, barely a week after the creators released them.

Delbo partnered with NFT creative duo Hackatao

The artworks, which starred a popular movie heroine, Wonder Woman, was adapted from Jose Delbo’s Wonder Woman comic in 1977. Jose Delbo is a world-renowned artist who is also famous for writing comics such as Transformers and Batman. However, his work has now been adapted into an NFT set to generate millions of dollars for the creators. Jose Delbo, Now 87 years old, has now partnered with famous NFT artists Hackatao who has now turned his old works into NFT masterpieces, amassing fortunes.

The NFTs have now been divided into several forms, with the one named- “weight of the world” already amassed almost $250,000. Another edition of the new artwork- Together We Stand, has also amassed almost $150,000 in gross sales, all in a week. The sales of the new NFTs were carried out on the digital marketplace, MakerSpace. Before this time, Delbo has also sold his previous works on MakerSpace. The comic specialist has created NFTs off his Batman comics and sold them on the digital marketplace.

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NFTs continue to be the ground for creatives to make money

The surging demand for NFTs, despite the relatively unpopular nature of the space, is a reason why space is currently booming. However, according to Delbo, he confirmed that the reason why he’s turning his works into NFTs is simply that a few of his fans have demanded them in that form. After the release of his Batman NFTs last October, Delbo told the press that one of the reasons behind creating the NFTs was because he wanted to try out digital artworks.

He also confirmed enjoying creating the NFTs, hence why he’s motivated to create such arts. However, Delbo is not the only comic artist who is now making fortunes off the NFT market, as digital marketplace CryptoPunks confirms that many artists have been enjoying massive funds from the space of their creative digital artworks. Many crypto analysts have argued the NFT market’s longevity, as they believe that space does not boast of any original content; hence it will likely not exist for long. However, the influx of many into the NFT space contradicts many analysts’ beliefs, as space has now followed an upward trajectory.