Windsor Street Capital – Financial Planning Tips For Couples

Congratulations on finally meeting that special person with whom you want to tie the knot. Before you pop the question we highly recommend to discuss finances to ensure that your marriage does not go through unnecessary bumps and hurdles in the future.


Full disclosure is an absolute must, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation might be. Communication is a critical part of every relationship, so be honest with your partner and put everything out there.  To plan your future together each partner needs to understand all assets and liabilities that will be involved in your marriage. The goal is to fully understand your financial situation before marriage and help you build long-term goals based on that information. Don’t leave anything out, discuss your stocks, bonds, savings, loans, debt, credit history and investment philosophy. It’s a great idea to talk to an experienced financial advisor to help you with the conversation and to plan your future. Financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital have many years of experience working with couples and helping them plan their future.


Discuss prenuptial agreement

One of the big questions that also pops up in a modern society is whether you should do a prenuptial agreement. It might not seem as the most romantic subject to discuss with your partner however we strongly recommend to have that discussion and to include a financial advisor at Windsor Street Capital and your attorney. Prenuptial agreements help couples escape surprises in a case if your relationship does not work out and leads to a divorce. In some instances it also helps married couples to work harder on their relationship and work things out when relationship hits a major hurdle. We strongly recommend having a very honest and detailed discussion in regards to a prenuptial agreement. And to have a concrete plan if things don’t work out, it might alleviate a lot of pain in the future.

Short-term and long-term goals

The next step is to start discussing your short-term and long-term goals with your partner and one of our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital. Start small, what are your goals for the next six months to one year? Do you need to pay off some credit card debt or a car loan? Then start discussing longer-term goals. What do you want to accomplish in five years, ten years and at your retirement? How many children do you plan to have?  What kind of schools do you want them to attend? What kind of a house do you want to buy? Do you want to open a business? At what age do you want to retire? What do you want to be able to do when you do retire? Based on the following questions our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital can help you develop a financial roadmap and help you achieve your goals. And most importantly also help you plan for any possible roadblocks as well.

Joint or separate accounts?

It’s always a good idea to discuss how you are going to manage your bank accounts, whether you will have a joint account and separate individual accounts or just a joint account. The world is changing on how people manage their money and more and more couples are comfortable with a hybrid solution of having individual accounts and a joint account. Financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital believe that the model you choose is not as important as a financial discipline that you need to instill into your relationship and financial future. We always strongly recommend to have a software package on your cell phone that will help you understand your spending patterns and stay on course with your financial goals.

Prepare for Emergencies

In life anything can happen, so planning for emergencies is extremely important for your financial and family well-being. Even if you have a great career, earn a comfortable living and don’t have large amounts of debt outstanding you can be unprepared by an emergency. Our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital will help you develop a stress test of your financial emergency preparedness in case of illness, losing a job or an accident. Any of these events can have a very deep and long lasting negative effect on your financial future and family stability. A good plan that encompasses savings and insurance products will protect you from panicking, making bad financial decisions and inability to reach your long-term financial goals.

About Windsor Street Capital

Founded in 1993 Windsor Street Capital is a full-service broker-dealer committed to providing clients with outstanding personal attention in a wide range of financial services for over 23 years. This approach distinguishes us in the industry, and accounts for our outstanding record of long-term stability and growth.

We recognize that each individual client has a separate and unique set of investment goals. It’s critical that our goals and objectives are totally aligned with those of the clients. We invest a substantial amount of time understanding the objectives of our clients and assessing our ability to meet those objectives prior to our engagement. We are dedicated to providing value for our clients by devising the most appropriate strategies based on careful analysis of their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Many of our clients told us that they feel that our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital have become part of their family and have added a very meaningful advice. We always want to help our clients reach their financial goals, improve their relationship and add a sense of security in their lives. Our job is to always be there for your family, especially during the times when you feel overwhelmed and might make a decision based on overthinking or overreaction.

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