WikiLeaks Received $280,00 Bitcoin Donation As Founder Was Denied Extradition

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is expected to remain in London for more years as he pleads for extradition — to face his espionage charges in the US, London-based district judge Vanessa was turned down Baraitse. It is believed that Julian Assange wasn’t extradited to the United States due to his medical condition.

The Guardian claimed that the presiding judge was on the verge of approving Assange’s extradition request but had to change his mind after seeking the attention of medical health professionals who warned against making such a move to protect Julian from developing travel-related health conditions.

Assange’s WikiLeaks confronted over misconduct

It should be recalled that the controversial business mogul was allegedly involved in a computer-related crime as he reportedly conspired with Chelsea Manning to access some vital information he intended publishing on his blockchain network. Since the start of the Eastern District of Virginia grand jury’s investigation in 2010, Assange has been in London, where he was arrested.

All his efforts to be extradited to the American nation has produced no result. Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin, was furious with Assange for the alleged misconduct. In his reactions to the criminal case, Satoshi claimed the WikiLeaks founder had bitten more than he could chew as he doesn’t expect him to make such a move for any reason.

He equally goes against WikiLeaks’ adoption as he suggested it could spell doom for the crypto space, which was about to gain the required fame at the time of the incident. He appealed to the network to desist from using his initiative Bitcoin to allow the cryptocurrency to maintain its steady growth.

In 2010, Bitcoin was a small beta community that should be allowed to grow with any threat or pressure from any crypto investors or exchange platforms. He predicted a very gloomy future for the infant cryptocurrency if WikiLeaks doesn’t stop trading Bitcoin. As a result of Assange’s misconduct, WikiLeaks, one of the first platforms to receive BTC donations, incurred a financial blockade from Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and Western Union in 2010.

WikiLeaks receives Bitcoin donations amidst crisis

Since the beginning of Assange’s ordeal, WikiLeaks has received considerable Bitcoin donations from unknown sources. The first set of donations were made in 2018 when 5.6BTC was transferred into the network’s BTC donation wallet. The donation worth just $28,000 at that time, but that has changed now as it currently worths $177,800.

More donations were made this week, as revealed by Whale Alert. WikiLeaks has reportedly received a donation of 8.48BTC — approximately $280,000 — for its upkeep. According to the transaction monitoring service that first disclosed the transaction details, the free financial help was sent directly to WikiLeaks’ Bitcoin donation wallet. It remains unknown if Assange will be allowed to return to the United States to face the espionage charges leveled against him.