Wikigains Shares 13 Tips To Promote Your Business With Coupons

Coupons are one of the most popular and effective ways of drawing consumers to your business. Experts from Wikigains say, when used properly coupons can re-activate old customers, draw in new business, and even poach customers that would normally have bought things from your competition.

Coupons can be tricky to use effectively, however. Here are thirteen of the best tips for getting the most out of each coupon you send out.


  1. Use An Eye-Catching Picture

Whether you go for a line illustration or a photograph of a model, a coupon gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your product in-use. According to Wikigains this will make consumers find your product more desirable and help them imagine how a product fits into their daily life.

  1. Use White Space

You can use a coupon to present lots of information, but try not to over-clutter things. A coupon that’s visually appealing will help sales more than one that’s crammed with too much marketing material.

  1. Choose Headlines Carefully

Frame your offers in an attractive way to get the most out of each coupon. “33% off!” will perform poorly compared to “Buy Two Get one FREE!” in some demographics. Visit Wikigains to find some really well-created offers.

  1. Add Your Logo

Prominent branding on your coupon helps improve customer response. Customers are more comfortable using coupons that you issued. It’s also a great way to build rapport.

  1. Your Offer Is Important

Don’t expect customers to drive across town for a measly 5% off. Giving a solid discount on a product customers are likely to buy is one of the best ways to increase sales.

  1. Market The Product

From years of experience, experts from Wikigains believe that coupons aren’t just about discounts. Adding some marketing material about your product can persuade a customer who’s on the fence. You’re printing the coupons anyway, so you might as well advertise!

  1. Focus On Benefits

Customers don’t care about products themselves. They care what those products do for them. Use your coupons to advertise how a product will improve the life of your consumers.

  1. Think About Shopping Patterns

Use your coupons to get customers to a specific section of your store or website. Think about the location of complementary products. How can you move things to ensure the customer sees more items he or she will be interested in?

  1. Use Powerful Advertising

Words like free, how to, save, simple, and results are proven tools when it comes to writing ad copy. Be sure to use these words and other staple techniques when writing your coupons. Go to Wikigains to see examples of how powerful coupons and offers are written.

  1. Upsell

Customers can be lured into purchasing a higher priced item with a well-written coupon. Tout the benefits of the product and offer extras for customers engage in a more meaningful shopping experience. Online coupons might kick in after a customer views the details on a product, for example.

  1. Save Everything

When a customer uses a coupon, you want to capture every piece of information you can about the sale. This includes the customer’s information, what they bought, and the exact coupon they used.

  1. Bundle Offers

Rather than offering coupons for individual products, try writing vouchers that require customers to purchase multiple related items.

  1. Keep Going

Just because a customer used one coupon doesn’t mean you’re done. Save their information and send them more marketing materials to keep them coming back to your store, says Alex, the founder of Wikigains.