Why Is IQ Option Still So Popular?

For years now, IQ Option has been dominating the world of online trading. As a matter of fact, when it comes to online brokers, they are firmly in the lead. It is quite an interesting phenomenon, given how volatile this market is and how strict rules and regulations are in many countries all over the world. Many brokerage firms, some of them quite big and reputable, have gone under during the last few years, but IQ Option has not only survived but thrived and solidified its position as the industry’s leader. How do they do it? What’s their secret? Well, they have a few very strong cards up their sleeves, so here’s a short overview of what to expect if you ever decide to sign up.

Why Is IQ Option Still So Popular

Low numbers

First and foremost, IQ Option has extremely low financial requirements, which has turned out to be their greatest forte. While many other brokers will often demand an initial deposit from you worth at least 200$, with this one you can start trading with just a few bucks. Not only that, but the minimum requirement for withdrawing money from your account is very low too, so you will pretty much be able to manage your funds as you please. The consequence of this is that you never have to risk a large amount on the market – you can simply check things out, test the waters first, and then gradually increase your investments if you so desire. This makes IQ Option attractive not just to serious traders, but also to those who are just getting started and want to get a taste of the action. In short, everyone can trade here the way it suits them best.

The platform you’re trading on is the broker’s own invention and works absolutely flawlessly. IQ Option is always careful to stay in touch with the latest trading trends, which means you have an excellent selection of assets and trading modes to choose from. Cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices… it’s all there. However, if you’re interested in more details about both the numbers and the platform, just check out this IQ Option Review – everything’s in that text and you should prepare to be amazed!

Impeccable demo & support

Another feature that sets IQ Option apart from the rest of the pack is the demo account. Now, a demo account allows you to trade with virtual money in order to test out the platform, explore everything it has to offer and generally get a feel of how things work. Most brokers, however, will require that you create a profile with them, with some even going so far as to ask you for a deposit before you can start using their demo account. Not IQ Option, though. Not only will you be able to access their demo account for free, but you won’t even have to create a profile! All you have to do is click on the demo account button on the broker’s website and you will be taken there, no questions asked. You won’t be limited by time or anything like that, so you’ll be able to explore the platform as much as you want without ever spending a single cent. Finding a company as open as this one in the trading industry is practically impossible.

A few words also have to be said about the support. You can contact them easily via live chat, although keep in mind that a bot will first answer you when you open the window. Don’t worry, the bot is really smart and will quickly answer all the most popular questions. If it doesn’t have an answer, an agent will jump in and you won’t have to wait more than a minute for that. People there are perfectly trained, very friendly and will help you in a flash, which rounds up the impression you get about this broker perfectly.

Bottom line

IQ Option has been at the forefront of the online trading industry and will stay there in the foreseeable future because it has made trading accessible to literally everyone with its low trading requirements. This means that both casual traders and pros alike can hope for an enjoyable experience on this website. Another reason for that is the company’s own platform, which can be tested without even having to create an account and which has all the most popular assets to offer. Therefore, if you have the desire to make an investment from the comfort of your own home, IQ Option is by far the best partner you can have in that venture.