Why Automated Trading Robots Blow Your Account

Want to earn huge money without doing much? No fuss, you aren’t alone there as it’s a dream of nearly everyone living in this planet. Forex Trading is what that attracts the most and that’s why we’re seeing a huge demand of Forex trading. Obviously, there’re many who want to double their fortune but this requires a little presence of mind.

You may get confused with the loads of online trading platforms as choosing the right one could be a real challenge. There’s no dearth of scammers who love to deceive others by using different cheating tactics. Novices could easily be dodged because they have less trading knowledge. It’s a game where sometime people enjoy huge profits and sometime nothing. So, one should need to be very skeptical before tying knot with any online trading brokerage service.

Automated trading robot or system is one of those things that scam platforms use to dodge others. They have either out-dated software or self-made programs designed to make others fool. It may sound a little catchy to mind when someone asks you to double your fortune using automated trading system. You don’t need to do anything except defining the terms and conditions, the rest is done by them. It’s like asking a cat to look after the mouse.


However, there’re some companies offering genuine automated trading services, but they are like a drop in the sea. Finding them could be one of your difficult tasks in life. Here’re a few drawbacks of automated trading robots that you should consider before making anything final;


Auto-trading requires a handsome amount of money and yet you can’t say anything for sure. The infrastructure needs heavy investment. You need to have a strong internet connection, battery backup if you live in an area where there’re chances of power outage. You would also want to have a heavy computer for more improved performance.

Right Knowledge

Mostly the people who opt for autotrading don’t have enough right knowledge about how it works. Novices may get stuck with the procedure as they don’t know anything required to run this technology. It has been seen with many fake trading brokers that employ out-dated software and trap their users without making them feel. They usually misguide their users with the wrong info and never have any regret doing this. So, having less knowledge is another thing that could turn your autotrading into a bad experience.

Technical Risk

This is one of the major disadvantages of relying on automated trading robots as you don’t know what’s going to happen in the very next moment. A minor issue could ruin your trade, leaving you empty handed. We know machines don’t get tired and don’t need any food to keep working. Problems like internet connection, electricity and other accidental issues may cause poor performance of your trading procedure. This concern should be taken into consideration before going with automated trading robots.