What You Should Know Before Outsourcing Your Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) is a great digital marketing tool that all kinds of businesses can benefit from. Not only is it a venture that you can hope to provide success, but it is also fairly cheap.


Pay per click means that a business will have to pay for the marketing based on every click, rather than paying upfront. This helps save a lot of marketing costs. Recently, many businesses are outsourcing their PPC management in what is being called white label pay per click. Here’s what you should know about it.


What is White Label Pay Per Click?

White label pay per click refers to the idea of outsourcing your PPC management to a third party. The third party can be a freelancer, contractor, or even a marketing agency if they offer the service.

Outsourcing the white label PPC management allows a business to save key resources and spend less since a full-time hire for pay per click management would cost more than the cost of outsourcing the entire service.

White label pay per click is quite useful for a business and here’s what you need to know before you outsource your PPC management:

Agencies Aren’t Always the Solution

While outsourcing PPC to a marketing agency would make you feel safe and secure, it’s not really necessary.

Marketing agencies tend to cost more than a freelancer or contractor would if they offer a white label pay per click management service.

Furthermore, the freelancer or contractor would also provide more time and attention to your PPC management than an agency typically would.

Availability and Reliability

While individual freelancer or contractors will provide more focus, their availability is a question you will have to address. If they’re busy, they will spend next to no time on what you have hired them for, while an agency would generally be liable to maintain their contract at all times.

Similarly, individuals are unreliable since any personal issues will make them divert their attention from their work. Agencies are obligated to complete what they are hired for, thus proving more reliable.

Adding Perspective and Scaling

Individuals only offer a single perspective on the things that they handle. If you’re looking for innovation from the contractor you hire for white label pay per click, you’re bound to come up short at some point.

Agencies, on the other hand, provide a myriad of views and opinions, both innovative and not. They can help you improve your PPC marketing with the stream of creativity they generate.

Furthermore, once your company scales, the individual you hire will not be able to handle it. Even small contractor teams will struggle with the increasing load. Conversely, marketing agencies are built to scale. They will be able to support you as you grow, without any problem whatsoever.


If you’re considering white label pay per click services, you should evaluate your options and see how they match with your goals. Always look for the nearest to perfect match to ensure maximum profit.