What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is another name of information technology security and full form of cyber is cybernetics. Cybersecurity is a technique that is used to protect our computer, network, data, and programs that are used to stop the attacks and access from an unknown person. These cyber-attacks are usually done to steal access and destroy sensitive information, for getting money from different users and interrupting the business process. Life has become easy with online networking and allows us to do many things in an effective and faster way as compared to the past. As there are many tasks that are performed online whether it is private access to public access, so there is a need for secure internet.

cyber security

Types of cybersecurity threats:

Ransomware: Ransomware is a type of software that is used to extract money or software that is designed to block access of files and folder of the computer by encrypting it. It would only be decrypted until a ransom is paid. Another disadvantage is that it is not sure; file may not be restored or recovered by paying a ransom.

Malware: Malware is a type of virus that is made to get unauthorized access to any account or to damage a computer.

Social engineering: Social engineering is a technique that is used to reveal or one’s sensitive information by tricking or giving some web link where the inventor of this kind of threats can ask and get access of one’s confidential information and he/she is unaware of it.

Phishing: Phishing is an activity of sending fraudulent and scam emails that is almost similar to the emails that are sent by some well-known organization/resources. The purpose of these scam emails is to steal your personal data like bank login password and login information. It is the most common and most used form of cyber-attacks. One can protect from these scams by education or applying filters on scams emails.

How cybersecurity is protecting our data?

Cybersecurity consists of different layers of protection that is spread all over the computer, networks, and data that maintains to keep data safe. In an organization, the people process, and technology must be synced to defend the cyber-attacks.

We all know the world has become a global village with the help of internet. Almost everyone is using the internet taking advantage of cyber defense applications. At a specific level, cybersecurity may cause your identity to theft; one can lose their important information like private moments, family photos. In a large organization like power plants hospitals and banks where there are data and records of millions of people. So to keep our society functioning in a better way it is essential to keep their data secure. Many people are taking benefits by working as researchers, for example at Talos, there is a team of 250 researchers, who investigate on emerging threats, cyber-attacks and malware. They tell us the weaknesses and acknowledge people on cybersecurity and ways to strengthen cybersecurity. In another word, their work is to provide safe internet to everyone.

The writer is Rami Beracha, who known for his quotes about start-ups and High-Tech companies.