What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do?

If you intend to move to a different country, none other than an immigration lawyer will help you with the procedure. Immigration lawyers do a lot more than just helping people become citizens of new countries. They also defend the case of an individual in the court of law and prevent him from being deported to another country. An immigration lawyer can provide legal advice about the ability of an individual to obtain a work visa in another country for a period of time.

Immigration Lawyer

If you are a student who is studying abroad and want to apply for a visa, an immigration attorney can help you. They can help you obtain the citizenship through naturalization as well. Here is when you will need to seek the help of an attorney.

  1. Committed or convicted of a crime: If you have committed a crime or have been convicted of a crime, you will need an immigration lawyer to ensure that it does not act as a barrier to immigration.
  2. If your application has been denied: Only an immigration attorney will be able to decide where the problem lies and how it can be remedied.
  3. If you have tried the process on your own: The process of immigration is complex and most people prefer hiring an attorney because they do not know how to go about it. It is better to hire one than delay the process of immigration.
  4. If you have been forced to leave the US: Every removal will not lead to a permanent bar to immigration but if you have been deported once, it is better to consult an immigration lawyer first.
  5. You have a communicable disease: Every disease is not a bar to immigration and a lawyer can assist you with the same.
  6. If you have filed the form and it has taken too long for the response: An established attorney will have relationships with the right personnel to help facilitate a determination of the status of your application.
  7. If you divorced your spouse and are now married to another US citizen: It might be difficult to prove that your first marriage was not a sham and only an experienced immigration lawyer might be able to help you here.
  8. If you are immigrating with the family: Those of you who are immigrating with the family and have a child who could be twenty-one before the permanent residence status is granted might need the assistance of an immigration attorney to determine the process of paperwork.
  9. If you want a visa based on an employment offer: If your prospective employer has not offered to handle the process of immigration, you will need to follow the complicated route of application and it could lead into a delay unless you have an immigration attorney assisting you.

The process of getting a visa is not easy and requires you to follow the complex route. It has a lot of paperwork and might take up anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.