Try Financika With A Demo Account Before Purchasing The Full Package


You may be asking yourself, is Financika legit? With hundreds of positive Financika testimonials from real South Africans, it is difficult to doubt them. Behold, one of the few legitimate applications that will allow South Africa to trade with the world.


Forex trading is a powerful investment tool that is capable of delivering higher profit margins than even stock trading. You may have heard of the term before, but it is still quite cryptic on how to get started. Especially in the South African financial market, there are few options to choose from when it comes to international trade. The Financika trading platform now allows the average South African to test the waters of currency exchange. Instead of looking for Financika complaints and testimonials, it would best to just dive in and take their free trial. They also offer 100% insurance on your first five trades so there is even less risk by opening your trial account.


Education for Beginners

The average working man does not have the educational background nor much free time to learn about the complex financial market. If you open up a financial demo account, you will have access to their educational materials in the academy. Trading Forex without at least knowing the fundamentals is just foolish. There are interactive webinars and training videos that will take you through every step of the trading process. They will also let you in on secret Forex trading techniques that are proven to maximize ROI.

Trade with your mobile phone

Some users are more comfortable using mobile devices or even do not own a computer. Financika has a fully featured mobile application that will simplify Forex trading using your tiny touchscreen. There are built-in charts, currency quotes, financial news, and account management features. The Web Profit application is available in the official repositories for Apple and Android phones.

Banking in South Africa

One of the primary problems holding back South Africans from using other trading platforms is the fact that our banking system is not so friendly with international transactions. Financika is fully compatible with South African credit cards, debit cards, and bank deposits without the extra fees and delays. You will be provided with a virtual wallet that will store funds until you are ready to trade or transfer. Withdraws are completed through direct transfers to your bank. You will not need to link payment accounts to initially open a Financika demo account.

It is up to you to decide if Financika is a legitimate company or not using online reviews and resources. It would be best to take their free trial in order to see it believe it. Options for trading and investment are very limited in the country, so take advantage of the only decent trading platform in South Africa.