Top 5 Colors for Finance Logo Design

Choosing the wrong color when we make a logo can be a shot in the foot itself. Designer who does not know the least of color psychology is not a designer. It is necessary to incite every possible meaning in the creation of a work, whether subliminal or not!

Top 5 Colors for Finance Logo Design

Below are top 5 colors for finance logos. Check them out.


It means action, adventure, aggression, blood, danger, energy, enthusiasm, love, craze, strength and vitality.

This is a warm and intense color, much used to demonstrate conflict of emotions such as love and passion. This color usually affects blood pressure and hunger, so it is often used to incite strong emotions or the urge to eat.


It means environmental, ecological, freshness, calmness, harmony, health, immaturity, money, nature and tranquility.

Green represents life in most of its applications. It is a very nice and neutral color, it can be considered in some cases hot and in others cold.


It means appreciation, delicacy, femininity, floral, kindness, gratitude, innocence, romanticism, lightness and tranquility.

It is the most feminine color of all, because this color gives us the sensation of delicacy and innocence. It is a softened color of red and expresses the vision of the little girls, gumdrops and sweets.


It means authority, rigidity, classic, conservative, formality, mystery, seriousness and tradition.

Black is technically the absorption of all colors. Because of this he represents authority, rigidity, tradition and elegance. It can be experienced in several logos with sophistication and simplicity. Your logo is all black, even to demonstrate the mystery around a secret agent and works very well.


It means ceremony, high value, fantasy, fair dealing, mystery, notoriety, spirituality, sophistication and royalty. It comes with force of royalty or lust. It is widely used in many fine store logos. It showcases sophistication and royalty.