Tips on How to Design Your Office

Many things need to be considered when designing an office. It starts from the wooden desk to lighting and much more. Though there is a huge list of designing an office, we will discuss 5 important things that one should consider while designing an office, so that when you’ve stepped in your office you as well your employees feel welcomed as it has an impact on enhancing your business.

Tips on How to Design Your Office

Sun light and greenery

This is the most important factor and most productive part while designing an office as well as home because of many reasons. Sun light will provide better vision as there is no comparison of sunlight with artificial light. Moreover, it is better for your eyes than fluorescent bulbs, while fluorescent bulbs may cause headaches and a huge pain in eyes, also human vision is designed to adjust changes in natural light. Furthermore, there should be sunlight in office as it is a source of vitamin A and kills many germs that are not visible to the human eye. According to a survey, you feel more alert and active while working in sunlight instead of working under artificial light. Working under artificial light led ones to drowsiness. In other words, choose the location that is exposed to the sun.

Storage capacity

Make it sure, that the place you are going to select for your office should have decent storage capacity according to your business so that you and employees of the company should move freely. The space of the office depends on the work. Moreover, if you have little space for the office, then in case of emergency (e.g. if there is Fire in the office) it would be difficult to run. If there are enough space people can exit from the building safely and faster.


Storage is the thing to consider while designing office. One can clean his/her office and get rid of paperwork by storing data in soft form and taking benefit from the internet (i.e. storing data in the cloud like google drive, one drive, etc.). It also affects the office look and increases storage capacity. Furthermore, storing data in a cloud will secure the data instead of storing in office in shape of bunches of files.

Furniture quality

Choosing the right furniture helps to design your office in an effective way. If you are planning to choose the cheap quality furniture, then it would impact a bad impression and lack of inspiration on the customers. There is renowned proverb “you get what you pay for” so cheap quality furniture cause health issues between employees.


In most of the office, the lobbies of offices are underestimated or not considered an important part in designing an office. Yet, a well-designed lobby delivers a powerful message to the customer about the company’s profile.

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