Tips for an Exceptional Business Card

In order for you to work out the quality of your business card, we’ve listed some tips to help you with this task:

1) Set the appropriate size

Some people love to differentiate themselves, but they end up abusing and creating materials in formats not so suitable for their purpose. Having a creative business card is very important but you cannot forget it for what it serves.

Tips for an Exceptional Business Card

2) Get inspired and be creative

Creativity is very important to differentiate as long as it is used with great taste and consistency with your business. It is creativity that will draw people’s attention to your card.

3) Send a message on the business card

If your company deals with high income public and luxury market, the appearance of your card should communicate with that audience. Get design business cards (ออกแบบนามบัตร, which is the term in Thai) by professionals only to ensure a powerful message.

4) Less is more, do not forget

Be objective and put extremely important information. Usually only logo, name, position / function, email, telephone, address and website are inserted. Remember, business card is not a company flyer.

5) Highlight what is important

Each element of the business card should follow a hierarchy of information. Depending on the highlight of each element, you will induce the reader to first look at one information and then another.

6) A good logo makes all the difference

Business cards always get more quality when they have a logo created in a professional way. He is the face of the company, and visually translates the personality and generates identification with his audience.

7) Use the right colors

A very important tip is to think about colors in a strategic way. According to psychology, each color is able to generate an emotion and convey a message.