Tips about Visual Aspects to Create Google Ads

  1. Define which sizes and formats work

Just like in newspapers and magazines, on the web there are also a number of sizes and ad formats.

The most common online ad formats are banners, top-of-the-line animated ads, skyscrapers, and vertical ads that are usually found on the left or right of the page. Get ads for Google Ads (รับทำโฆษณา Google Ads, which is the term in Thai) today according to your niche.

Create Google Ads

  1. Choose from the color palette

Color plays an important psychological role. For this reason, advertisers use them to arouse sensations, attract and influence consumer choice. For these psychological stimuli to act in favor of your brand, it is crucial to choose a palette with colors that adorn each other.

It’s still important to remember that if your ad has a Call-to-Action button, it’s best to highlight it with a color that contrasts with the others in order to stimulate more clicks.

  1. Choose images that clearly describe your product

Images account for 50% of your campaign results . That’s why you need to think fondly about the images that will make up your ad.

The first item that needs to be evaluated when it comes to images is their quality. Ads need to have good quality images to attract the public eye, blurry images and low resolution, and do not have the expected effect, can lead the public to create a bad impression of your company.

  1. Beware of the proportions between the elements

It is important to consider the different visual forces present as centrality, illusion of movement, direction, scale, etc.

  1. Beware of excesses

The simpler and more objective your ad is, the better. Ads with lots of information, glaring and visually polluted colors are often not as effective as those who opted for simplicity and objectivity.