The NFT Of Edward Snowden Is Selling For $5.4 Million

The NFT artwork developed by Edward Snowden was sold for about $5.4 million in Ethereum. Snowden has sold his artwork on NFT Foundation. NFT Foundation is an NFT marketplace and community where the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” NFT went for 200 ETH while Nyan Cat animations gulped 300. These amounts are paltry to about 2,224 ETH spent on the first NFT of Snowden called “Stay Free.”

The “Stay Free” is an art that joins Snowden’s picture and the court ruling. In the meantime, “Stay Free” displays Snowden with his hand on the chin just like a 21st century Rodin statue. The picture has formed the contents of the US appeals court outcome that Patriot Acts didn’t allow the vast collection and US phone record’s surveillance by the NSA (National Security Agency).

NFT Proceeds Would Go to the Freedom of the Press Foundation- Snowden

Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, said that the NFT proceeds would be sent to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. This Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2012 to set up encryption tools, open-source communication, and checks press freedom. Snowden is the president of the Foundation and operates on the board with Glenn Greenwald, John Cusack, and Ellsberg Daniel, the Vietnam-time reporter. NFT is a unique digital token that often has artwork form, trading cards, plus other collectibles. Meanwhile, there exists just a “Stay Free” edition; this shows that the winner of the auction, @PleasrDAO posses the only work copy.

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Edward Snowden remains A Persona Non Grata in the United States for his NSA’s Surveillance Activities

Snowden is still a persona non grata in the United States for activities concerning the NSA’s surveillance. Snowden started leaking classified and sensitive documents outside in 2013 when he was contracted by the security agency. He fled to Russia immediately after he was charged for espionage. He was later given asylum and residency in Russia. Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump declined to Pardon Snowden with Ulbricht and Assange for their charges.