The Cofounder of Ethereum Plans to Step Aside from Crypto – Here’s why

Anthony Di Lorio showed a great deal of interest in Bitcoin as well as block chain more than ten years ago. His interest was so high that he planned to cofound the blockchain known as Ethereum. He did this along with an individual named Vitalik Buterin. Ever since the stepping away of Di lorio, ethereum slowly but surely became the second largest blockchain all over the world.

Sure, it was a little behind bitcoin, but it stood out and proved to be an incredibly tough competition. Etherm which is the native token of Ethereum possesses a tremendous market value around two hundred and twenty five billion Dollars.

For those who do not know, Di lorio was also responsible for getting hold of bitcoin investments initially. He later on went to become a multi millionaire, which is one of the biggest reason why he is among the richest crypto personalities in the world.

One of the biggest things that made Di lorio so successful was the fact that he developed a habit of acquiring crypto-related projects quite often. As time passed, however, this famous entrepreneur plans to step aside from the world of crypto altogether. This came off as a major surprise to many people as the news came out of nowhere.

What turned out to be even more surprising was the fact that he showed intention to sell his own stakes in the crypto wallet known as Jaxx as well as Decentral. When asked why he took this major unexpected step, Di lorio stated that he wanted to try his hand in a variety of other projects. These projects included things like philanthropy.

Di lorio admitted that philanthropy was way outside the realm of crypto but it is something that really fascinates him. What’s more, the cofounder of blockchain, stated in an interview that he always prefers to focus his energy on long-term projects instead of the ups and downs that happen on a day-to-day basis.

Anthony, however, still believes that Ethereum and the crypto world altogether is bound to flourish in the future. This is particularly because of the technological developments taking place and the fact that more and more people are relying on digital assets and currencies rather than cash.

That being said, Di lorio still believes that there is in safe hands and will grow even further down the line. Like most people, the general consensus is that Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that has the capability to topple bitcoin in the future.