Texas Wants Same Crypto-Exposure as El Salvador, Proven by Survey

As per the latest reports, a new poll has been conducted by Newsweek to gain information about cryptocurrencies. The firm reportedly carried out the poll to know what the people of Texas think about cryptocurrencies. It was to find out whether they support the idea of supporting/adopting cryptocurrencies or not.

The government of the United States is aiming to keep cryptocurrencies under strict control in the country. Still, the government does not want cryptocurrencies to be accepted as legal tender. However, the Texans seem to be liking the idea of supporting and adopting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender in the state.

The poll has revealed that 10.8 million people from the Texas State are willing to allow cryptocurrencies to operate as a legal tender. These many people like to support the idea of giving cryptocurrencies a legislative status in the state.

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This is the reason why they are supporting the idea of adding cryptocurrencies into the legislation. The poll seems to be serving a huge purpose for the politicians in the state who would want to run it. This is because based on the demand and support for cryptocurrencies by the Texans, the candidates may add cryptocurrencies to their mandate.

Therefore, the politician who supports and is able to prove that cryptocurrencies will definitely have legal status will have huge numbers in their support.

The survey results were reportedly shared by Newsweek on Monday, September 20, 2021. Newsweek revealed that they surveyed over 9,700 adults who were eligible for voting in the upcoming elections. The survey was carried out among ten states in the United States.

From the survey results, Newsweek has found out that 37% of the total people in Texas support the idea of giving cryptocurrencies a legal status. Therefore, they will be voting in support of the legislation, legalizing cryptocurrencies in the state.

On the other hand, 42% of the total Texans suggested that they would not mind supporting the idea of cryptocurrencies being legal in the state. At present, the population of Texas is over 29 million, which is a quite large number. The percentage means that almost 10 million people in Texas strongly support the idea of adopting cryptocurrencies as legal assets.

Texas is not the only state in the United States that is leaning towards the cryptocurrency industry and its adoption. Florida is reportedly the first state where the adoption of cryptocurrencies began on a large scale followed by Wyoming. The state of New York is also aiming to adopt cryptocurrencies where the candidates have added cryptocurrency legalization to their mandate.

The United States of America is now on the verge of adopting cryptocurrencies on a very large scale in the form of a legal tender. This is something that is coming from the public of the United States instead of the government.