Starter Tips for Day Trading

Day Trading means marketing positions that will only remain for a limited time. Mostly, these positions are opened and closed within a day. The thing is, not all aspects of trading is complicated (once you do your homework). But if you are new to this world and want to make a living, consider the following tips!


Supply and Demand

Financial marketers have to make both ends meet. If there is a problem in supply but buyers are willing, they will increase the price. If there is excessive supply and no one wants to pay, then they have to drop the price. For someone who wants to start Swing Trading, he needs to learn how to identify such turning points on a price chart by studying the historical examples and other important details.

Price Target

If you are buying a long position in Day Trading, you have to set a margin for acceptable profit with stop loss levels in case the trade is not profitable. Just stick with your decision and try to limit your potential loss. Don’t get greedy if the price spikes to some untenable level.

Low Reward Ratio

One of the most important things to look out for in trade alerts is risk reward ratio. This ratio lets you evaluate between loosing small and winning big while helping you cover the loose from previous trades. As you get experienced, you will attain a higher ratio which means more profit for your campaign.



Patience determines the winner and loser in day trading. It may seem paradoxical but you don’t need to trade every day to be successful.  You may see opportunities that you won’t find fit your needs. So its better to not execute trade every day. Instead you should stick to the monitor, analyze and see if there is an opportunity to capitalize.