Soccer Giant PSG Announces A Sponsorship Deal With Cryptocurrency Exchange

PSG (a soccer giant) has declared a sponsorship contract with at a time when the association between sports and cryptocurrency is further developing. The sponsorship consists of a multi-year collaboration by which the well-known French football club named Paris-Saint-Germain will turn into the official partner of cryptocurrency. The Collaboration will also include the latest NFT offerings on the company’s authorized platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Because of the vast scope of the contract, it has been decided by the platform to pay a handsome amount as the sponsorship charges in crypto using the token CRO. the official crypto partner of PSG

PSG is considered to be the most effective French club during the recent decade as it has won 7 from the previous 9 “Ligue-1-titles”. In this season, the position of the organization has in advance been strengthened through the distinctive signings of Serio Ramos, Lionel Messi, and more. One of the prominent crypto platforms “” has got more than 10 million consumers. The crypto card service of the firm is exceptionally popular across the world.

Marc Armstrong, the top partnerships officer at PSG, says that the company is pleased to move in parallel with as a family. He added that both the organizations have a common passion for novelty as well as the ambition for reaching the peak. He further commented that with the help of this partnership, the club is once more heading towards its goal of overwhelming the fields of digital as well as esports as a forerunner.

Crypto and sports’ recent deals

During the recent year, the leagues and teams of sports across the globe have progressively begun to carry out well-paid collaborations with the platforms of crypto. In the initial phase of this year, engaged in contracts with several sports organizations such as Serie A, Formula 1, and UFC. The latest advocated Watford FC (a club from English-Premier-League) currently has Dogecoin imprinted on the sleeves of the players’ uniforms during a sponsorship provided by The renowned authorized fan store of NFTs under NBA is also becoming more resilient via the recent integration of digital collectibles.’s co-founder and CEO “Kris Marszalek” stated that the first and foremost task of the company is to expedite the crypto transition throughout the world. In doing so, it has found the top partners, and PSG is one among them.