Purchasing Property in Turkey

Are you sincerely thinking of purchasing a property in Turkey? Well, when all’s said and done, Turkey is one of the most stunning places on earth. Moreover, it is also one of the most sociable places you will ever come across in this internationally domestic environment. The more than gorgeous coastlines, the friendly people, a fantastic weather and affordable property prices made Turkey a heaven on earth for all the potential investors.


One of the strongest backgrounds of Turkey is its youthful and multi-ethnic populace that actually made this land a dreamland for investments. Furthermore, the fusion of the modern transportation and communication system with the historically acclaimed heritages also promotes the fact that Turkey wants to attract cross-border property investments. To add more feathers to its crown, numerous highly-acknowledged artists constructed their finest works here in Turkey.

The recent evolutions in the Turkish property law have given a clear indication that now international buyers can certainly purchase their very own property in Turkey. The particular term ‘Reciprocity Principle’ indicates that international buyers now can purchase freehold properties in their own names with the reckoning that Turkish citizens can also purchase freehold properties in the international buyer’s country of origin. Right now, these contracts include the Middle East and the most of Europe.

After you decide on a particular property or multiple properties, to go through all the legal paperwork, it is highly recommended that you appoint a solicitor specialized in property law of Turkey. With that line of thought, Acacia International is a law firm dedicated to property law in Turkey. The highly-experienced solicitors of the Acacia International can help you go through all the necessary documentation from title deeds to habitation license.

Even though the current investment laws right now favor the cross-border individuals, you would find a lot of legal issues if you simply show up to purchase a property without an experienced solicitor by your side. The credibility of the real estate agents, the price factors in addition to the economic and political stability – so many aspects are associated with this investment procedure. As a result, in order to keep away from all those gratuitous circumstances, you must make an appointment to any established law firm or experienced legal representative.

As a final point, you have to research all the related parties you are dealing with. Ask them to show you a valid customer testimonial or a proven track record with the copy of title deeds. Afterward, verify and cross-examine all those documents from Government property authority and metropolitan offices. You must remember to follow the Turkish property law, not the rules of your home country when dealing with properties in Turkey. Whether you are considering to enter into the booming tourism industry of Turkey or do you simply want to purchase a property to make it your over the border home, a well-established law firm like Acacia International can stand by your side through all those legal procedures and save you from all the over the border property aggravations.