Pplpleasr Sells Uniswap-Themed Advert As NFT For $525,000

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to generate a lot of buzz within and outside the cryptocurrency. The unique and highly valued digital tokens continue to be a center of attraction even outside the cryptocurrency space, as the NFT market continues to generate huge revenue. Before now, digital artists like PAK, CryptoPunks, and Beeple constitute a list of highest earners in the NFT space, with Beeple selling his recent piece of NFT for a whopping $69.3 million. However, it seems there is a new kid on the block, as a digital artist- pplpleasr, have now sold her Uniswap-themed work as an NFT for $525,000.

The sale is a record-breaking one for the artist

In her interview with popular Blockchain media house- decrypt, the digital artist expressed her delight at the work’s recent sale. The recent sale is the highest ever by the digital artist, as she intends to beat this record soon. Before this sale, she has been creating videos that promote the works of many decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Most of these works have gone viral on her social media handles, as she has become a sensation in the NFT space. Fortunately for her, one of her recent works promoting Uniswap has now generated half a million dollars in revenue.

The Uniswap-themed advert had featured different forms of catching symbols and artworks, which intend to draw its viewers’ attention. The creative piece was seen on Twitter last Monday, and before its sale, it has been seen more than 500,000 times. The digital artist who doubles as a graphics designer has also seen most of her previous works received praise from prominent names across the NFT space. In her interview, she explained how she had used her previous work experience as a graphics creator and illustrator to develop new works.

Pplpleasr’s career would have taken another turn

The digital artist confirmed that while designing several of her other artworks, she had always been interested in creating NFTs. The artist confirmed that she wouldn’t have ventured into the NFT space this early had she not lost the opportunity to work in Apple. The Taiwan digital content creator lost an opportunity to work with the technology giants, as her Visa application was denied at the death. However, a passion and drive to create innovative content, coupled with the loss of making her impact felt at a larger organization, has now driven her to the DeFi space.

In her interview, she confirmed that money was not on her mind when she wanted to venture into the NFT space, but she is delighted to be making some of it now. She believes that her recent success will inspire many women who want to venture into the NFT space, as they can now follow in her footsteps. The digital piece’s acquisition was by a popular anonymous Decentralized Autonomous organization- Pleasr DAO, and the digital artist has now confirmed that the proceeds of the sale will be going to charity.