Powerball Lottery $435 Million Jackpot on Saturday

When nobody could win grand prize at Wednesday night, grand prize of Powerball jackpot at Saturday will be estimated at $435 million, in accordance with the Multi-State Lottery organization, which will organize this game in almost 44 states.


When the prize doesn’t rise earlier than the 10:59 pm, it will become the 8th biggest Powerball jackpot. Last time in February, there was won $300,000 in Indiana as grand prize with just a $2 ticket. The $435.3 million grand prize was won by a Lafayette, Indiana’a resident, whose identity is kept unknown. He was tenth largest jackpot lottery winner ever in U.S. history.

The grand prize of Saturday needs a right five digit match taken between 1 and 69 and one Powerball digit taken between 1 and 26. This grand price is around $273 million if the winner decides to get full sum but it will be different if the winner decides to take it in 30 yearly small payments.

As soon as you purchase a Powerball lottery ticket, you have option to pay extra one dollar for an add-on. This way, it will increase the two big or important amounts of prize: the original prize and $1 million prize will be doubled via Power Play add-on.

On Wednesday, there was one $2 million winner and three $1 million winners in Powerball results.

Since 30-sept-15, the drawn balls and chances of winning were changed in lottery. The most regular red Powerball number has been 9 that appear 11 times. There tied numbers (5, 6, 10 and 25) were appeared nine times each.

The numbers (14, 26) were appeared three times each.

The change in balls and winning chances happened before 20 months was introduced to increase the chances of amazingly impressive jackpots, and there was won $1.59 billion grand prize via Powerball lottery.