Payday loans: The Loans without Proof of Income

Most, the payday loans are offered without proof of income and are designed for those who need money quickly and reliably. No time-consuming administration and bureaucracy, no proof of income – just choose the amount and truthfully fill in the details of income in the online application – usually it will not take more than 5 minutes!

These short term loans are offered mainly by smaller non-bank companies. If someone needs money, usually needs quickly and does not want to delay the ceremony, there is no unnecessary “papers” and confirm after completing application.


Online application and light assessment

Mostly, to get short term loans, you can apply online through a web form where you chooses the desired amount and maturity. After entering personal data and the amount of monthly income and expenses then sends online request and within a few minutes to hear whether the application has been approved. If so, the money is sent to your bank account almost immediately. How quickly you ll have money available then really it depends on the speed of bank transfers between the account of the creditor company and your bank account.

Settling at a distance

Most non-bank companies to consider the request sufficient information filled in the online form. Sometimes it is necessary to prove a scanned or photographed identity card – but everything can be managed remotely via the Internet.

Is it possible to get the money within 15 minutes?

There is no problem to get the required payday loans to the account within a few minutes. It should be noted, however, that it is possible if you are already registered at company and at least one loan you repaid properly and timely. Some companies even allow the clients to get short term loans just on the basis of sending SMS messages.