Painter David Hockney Says NFTs Are For International Fraudsters

David Hockney, the biggest valuable Living Painter, has termed NFTs crooks and swindlers. The huge Beeple’s NFT price makes it the third costliest art piece ever traded by an artist, just behind David Hockney and Jeff Koons. And David Hockney, who recently revealed he isn’t a digital collectibles fan, labels them an avenue for international swindlers and crooks.

David Hockney Admits he Doesn’t Understand NFTs

Hockney, a digital artist, has called Beeple’s unprecedented NFT record artwork silly. The biggest valuable Living Painter explained Beeple N.F.T. artwork as silly and small little things. David sold his painting in 2018 and termed it “Portrait of an Artist” for about $90.3 million through the auction by the Christie house. This is the same house that sold the artwork of Beeple recently.

As stated, he was not pleased by the record-breaking Beeple artwork. He termed it a gathering of silly small things. In Beeple’s artwork, he said that he viewed the pictures, which is like a silly small thing. That he couldn’t ascertain what it is. “I think it’s ICS,” Hockney stated when he was enquired on the phenomenon. The term is “International crooks and swindlers, I read about NFT but it isn’t interesting”, Hockney maintained.

In an art podcast of 3rd April 2021, David opinionated that NFT could be lost and couldn’t be compared to a real physical object. According to him, things could get lost inside a computer. And they would be later in the future lost in the computer even if clouds get going. It will be so much for it. David concluded by asking how one would discover and what NFTs are owning.

Hockney is the biggest valuable living painter

Further, Hockney, aged 83, said he doesn’t understand and care-less of NFTs. He said that he is not looking for money. Understandably, David sold his painting in 2018 and termed it “Portrait of an Artist” for about $90.3 million through the auction by the Christie house. For Hockney, N.F.T.s doesn’t make that sense. David’s description might quite be broad; however, there are some points in his concerns; NFT doesn’t really have artworks attached to it. Practically, the token is only an encrypted link to the traditional file that’s hosted in servers. And when this server falls, NFT owners would not directly access the file their tokens represent (if not installing them from another third-party source).

Hockney is an English and digital artist who makes his artwork with an iPad. Unlike many NFT artists, including Beeple, David prints all his arts out. He was mostly seen as the most influential English artist in the 20th century. In November 2018, David’s 1972 work, termed Portrait of an Artist, was sold for $90 million, making it the costliest artwork sold in auction by a living artist. It broke the earlier record, held by the sale of Balloon Dog in 2013 for about $58.4 million. Hockney was with this feat until May 2019, when Jeff Koons reclaimed the record following the auction of his Rabbit for over $91 million.