Nvidia’s Algorithm for Lite Hash Rate is Apparently Cracked by a Mining Software

When the cryptocurrency industry came into being, the only method for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies was through mining. However, as the cryptocurrency industry began expanding, other mediums for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies were introduced.

Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency acquisition method widely shifted from mining to purchasing and trades. As the majority of the users did not want to go through the hassle of setting up rigs for mining. The crypto enthusiasts went with easier approaches of buying them directly through exchanges.

This is the reason why the mining method for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies slowly faded away. However, it did not mean that the cryptocurrency mining method was not operating. Several crypto firms found it advantageous and profitable to mine cryptocurrencies instead of purchasing them.

This is the reason why cryptocurrency mining was kept alive even when the crypto-verse had not gained much attention. Then the year 2020 came towards its second half, which meant that the cryptocurrency industry had gained worldwide attention.

This is when the cryptocurrency sector gained tremendous adoption and it became one of the most profitable and lucrative industries in the world. Soon, the crypto-enthusiasts realized that purchasing cryptocurrencies were no longer as profitable as mining cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, cryptocurrency enthusiasts started moving towards the cryptocurrency mining method to acquire cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, Bitcoin (BTC) mining has become a very expensive gig since 2020 and it is only going to get more expensive.

However, Ethereum (ETH) has remained one of the most feasible and easy to mine digital assets even though it is the second-largest cryptocurrency. As the mining for Ethereum (ETH) gained tremendous adoption, it surged the prices for the GPUs. The prices for the GPUs hit all-time highs as alongside the gaming community, the miners were also gathering GPUs on a large scale for mining.

Nvidia is the largest GPU manufacturer in the entire world soon realized that miners were mainly acquiring its GPUs for mining purposes. This is the reason Nvidia introduced new GPUs with limiters and a new software update that would limit the mining hashrate on its GPUs.

This was introduced by Nvidia in order to control and cap the mining that the miners could perform through their GPUs. While the entire crypto-mining community was concerned about Nvidia’s decision, a certain mining software development company seems to have found a solution to limited mining.

The name of the particular mining software company is NBMiner, which claims to have cracked the anti-mining limitations set by Nvidia. According to the team, the software directly manages to crack the Lite Hash Rate, an algorithm that Nvidia introduced to limit mining.

NBMiner is now claiming that the implementation of their new software would bring up 70% of the total mining power of the GPUs. The Lite Hash Rate Nvidia had introduced reportedly reduced 50% of the total mining capacity/capability of the GPUs.