Musician Adel Tafasaye (The Weeknd) Embraces NFT

Adel Tesfaye, AKA The Weeknd, has announced the upcoming release of his first NFT on the popular NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway, on Saturday. This is coming at the time celebrities, especially musicians such as Grimes, Rico Nasty, King of Leon, among others, are seizing the opportunity presented by NFT to reward artists for their extraordinary artworks.

Tesfaye will be dropping a unique token consisting of an audio track available exclusively on Nifty Gateway and not any other marketplaces. In addition to the track, there will be two limited-edition works created in partnership with Strange Loop Studios. While the highest bidder will go with the tokenized song, an unspecified quantity of each artwork will be offered at a fixed price to run for a specified time.

The NFT evolution is disrupting the entertainment world, says Tesfaye

Tesfaye, who sang ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ said the NFT evolution is disrupting the entertainment world and removing the barriers between artists and their fans. The singer reiterated that he had been searching for innovative platforms that would enable him to satisfy fans in another creative way different from the conventional system of the music business.

NFT, according to the thespian, has allowed him to “be seen and heard” loud and clear in a win-win situation between him and his fans. He further expressed his intention to be part and parcel of the NFT movement and contribute to its integration with the music industry.

Meanwhile, famous Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, has also embraced the NFT industry, following in the footsteps of other acclaimed artists, especially Beeple, who sold his art collectibles for $69 million. In a tweet he shared last week, Murakami said he would release 108 “Mura kami Flowers” as his first NFT.

Tennis player, Oliynykova Joins the NFT community

Oleksandra Oliynykova, a 20-year top Croatian tennis player, has also sold an arm space as she announces her entrance into the NFT sector. With this, she has decided to go beyond making a short voyage to the NFT market; she has auctioned off her NFT, dedicating a 15×8 cm space of her right arm to the buyer of her work.

Oliynykova, who ranks 30th in the International Tennis Federation World Tour, said the buyer has the right to input a tattoo on the section of the arm or leave it as it is and even sell the artwork at a higher price after she has participated in the Roland Garros or Wimbledon competition. The artwork was bought for $5,400.

Meanwhile, the buyer is not allowed to commission their preferred tattoo on the player’s arm. The reason is that, according to Oliynykova, although she is indifferent to tattoo images, there are some limitations on this particular case. First of all, the image or content should be a normal one and devoid of radical content. As a professional athlete, she won’t want the tattoo to contain betting, gambling, or related content.