MahaDao Reveals ARTH Hosting by Polkastarter

The MahaDao team behind the creation of a new stablecoin, have been heard frequently in the crypto space, mainly because enthusiasts are anticipating the launching of the new coin. The coin is unique because the IDO will be on DEX Polkastarter.

Decentralized financial systems have promised a safer, faster and more secured banking system because it streamlines the processes without the usual hurdles and intermediaries in regular banking, and that is why they are welcomed. The frequent rise in stable coins shows the need to maintain and stabilize digital assets prices.

How the creation of ARTH could change digital assets

The stablecoins are less volatile when compared to the other cryptocurrencies, mainly because their values are pegged to real currencies, and the US dollar is mostly used in that regard. The US dollar is essential for the stablecoins because its usually used as a standard for setting market prices. The primary purpose of the coins is to create an effective medium of exchange and a reliable store of value.

MahaDao explains that its valuecoin, ARTH, is different from stablecoins and will soon commence its initial DEX offering and would be hosted by the Polkastarter platform sometime this week. The company has had two other initial Dex offerings that use cross-chaining in its campaigns. The Defi company will be partnering with Polkaster to commence the sale of the IDO which they announced on Twitter.

The MahaDao protocol founder, Steven Enamakel, explained how ARTH could evolve into a new set of stablecoins, and he envisioned the new coins solving inflation problems in countries and stabilizing the volatile cryptocurrencies. Also, MAHA tokens will be shared with interested individuals to be able to take part in important MahaDao protocol issues.

After the sale of ARTH, the company’s assets will be shown on a platform for its liquidity farming program. The development of the token has been a steady and worthwhile process to create an asset which might help humans in their endeavours.

Why ARTH will not be affected by inflation

The token could be the creation needed to put innovation towards the right path in creating a revolutionary asset. The fact that ARTH won’t face the usual volatility in the crypto asset will make it an encouraging investment, especially for buyers who have not invested in digital assets for fear of the price dropping. During the fundraiser campaign, a large turnout is expected from the crypto community to be part of this new technology.

ARTH will not experience value change and has a broad range of backing assets. The token will be backed primarily by fiat currencies, followed by gold and also Bitcoin. The makers explained that a specific framework would be put in place for the token to achieve the non-volatility feature. The hosting platform was picked for the initial DEX offering because it gives an affordable service and also time effective in terms of the settlement.

Many investors have applauded the new technology, while they envision a time where no one will spend money. The digital assets will serve as a perfect way to exchange, and if the valuecoin is a success, it could be the solution to many economic problems.