Low Doc Home Loans – Low Doc Mortgages

lowdocmortgagescomauHaving troubles getting a loan to purchase or refinance a property in Australia? No Fuss, the team at Low Doc Mortgages guides you throughout the process to quality for a home loan. It has been seen with many self-employed borrowers that they find it a little difficult to prove their revenue because they don’t have the right documents required to qualify for a loan. We know how it feels when you are unable to purchase your dream home property.  

Low doc home loan is an option for all those self-employed people who don’t have access to their tax returns and financial statements usually required to apply for a home loan. Low doc loans are designed to give small business owners and self-employed people the opportunity to get personal loans when they’re incapable to proving their income through specific documents.


The no-doc loans usually involve high rates of interest compared to standard loans. But with Low Doc Mortgages, you can get no-doc home loan with the same rates offered with standard loans.  Below are some of the important documents that can be used to verify your income;

  • An accountant letter proving your business revenue after add-backs & before Tax
  • Business bank statements (6 to 12-month) verifying and confirming your income and expenses
  • BAS Statements (6 to 12 months) from ATO Portal
  • Ongoing agreements for self-employed contractors
  • Tax Returns of last 12 months
  • Old Tax Returns together with current Financial Statements

Here’s what the team at Low Doc Mortgages has to say about its services:

‘’We do all the running around for you, saving you time and making the task of finding a home loan easy and less confusing. We provide you with a written credit proposal document for your protection which discloses all commission and payments received. We do not sell our own home loans and therefore are not an agent for one lender in disguise.’’

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