Learn How Online Traders Are Using Social Group Chat To Make A Profit

Trading as a group is essential in this era when most of the transactions are made by algorithms (alog-trading).

Online trading is an activity of buying and selling stocks through the web, instead of the traditional method of giving an order through a broker’s trader in the trading location. Online traders use their smartphones, laptop, desktop, or tablet anytime, anywhere and buy/sell a stock. There’s no hassle of calling or messaging your stockbroker.

Online trading is easier with a group and what is better than have a social group chat to discuss tradings and trends,

If you’re starting out or already a professional online trader, you would need a group chat tool to help you connect with a community of online traders. It means that traders from all around the world meet to discuss their trading strategies and predictions.

So, to help you get started with your community, here’s a group chat tool that can help you achieve the pro status.

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Creating a trading group chat

  1. Create an account on the RumbleTalk website. Choose group chat as your chat type.
  2. Go to “Embed” and copy the provided code. Paste the code on your website. The group chat should appear immediately.
  3. Third, set your group chat settings.

You can set your group chat in the following ways:

  • Open chat – Anyone can register in the chat via Facebook, Twitter, and Guest credentials.
  • Registered users only chat – Allow only the users on your “Users” tab to login. When you want to manually add a user, you just need to add him to the users list and set a password.
  • Customers’ users base chat (advanced option) – If you already have an existing users base, you can choose the “Automatic login” option. This option will let your users enter the chat without logging-in directly as they will be automatically logged in with their users base credentials.

What are the benefits of having a group chat for online traders?

There’s so much going on in the world of stock trading. However, with the help of other online traders, buying and selling stock will be a breeze. On your next transactions, you’ll be able to make the right choices and save a lot of money using your community’s advice.

A group chat widget is what you would want on your website where you can talk, discuss, and call other traders for advice. To help you in making your decision, here are some benefits or features of a group chat that will help you in your online trading journey.

Documents, PDFs, and more to send

A group chat widget is a useful tool for sending files in a group chat. What would you need files for in a group chat for traders? For example, traders can send chart images grabbed from the internet to discuss the trade. This will help the conversation go smoothly and quickly than not having a visual graphic.

For tips and tricks, some traders have a Word or Excel document. They can send that to the group as a guide for beginners. Furthermore, traders can also compare their stocks from the previous years through sending documents. The community will have a better chance of a successful trade if they have the necessary materials.

Private messaging and one-on-one calls

As said earlier, users can use the call feature to talk to another user. This is one of the most powerful options that an online trader can take advantage of. Why is that? Well, let’s say a beginner online trader doesn’t know where to start. He can privately message a professional online trader and ask him for advice. After, they can move on to a live call so they can discuss the tips in-depth.

Online traders can also use the private chat room to discuss losses, predictions, pricing, and more. A private chat room in a group chat can help keep the privacy and security of the users.

Chat monetization

Did you think that you’d also be able to gain income from a chat, not just from trading? If you add paid access to your chat, you can do this to make a living. As an online trading professional, why don’t you sell your knowledge and time to traders who need it?

Tips and tricks are what you gained from your experience and hard work. Therefore, you should be confident in your trading skills. Then, use this to help others through advice or tutoring, with a small price to pay.

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Follow these steps to monetize your chat:

  • First, choose “Paid expert’s chat” as your chat type.
  • Second, change your fees on “Monetize Settings.” You can choose to let your users pay via entrance or subscription fee. In addition, there are also additional options on the two, like hours, months, or annually.
  • Lastly, save your changes. Your users will now need to pay before they can enter the group chat.

As a professional online trader, you can serve as a guide to beginners and lead them to make the right buy and sells. By monetizing your chat, not only the users will be able to gain from your advice, but you also gain by making an income. The group chat widget makes your knowledge and time important.

Chat customization

To make social trading fun, we added two features that you can use. As there are already emoticons/smileys on the group chat, you can also use these following features:

  1. Skin-able group chat – You can change your theme anytime via the “Design” tab. There’s also an array of skins that can be used to change the look and feel of the chat. Each skin is customizable, so you can change the background or font color in the advanced design feature. Depending on your preferences, you can make every group chat the way you like.
  2. Selfie – Sometimes online trading is slow and you just want something to lift the mood. You can send each other’s selfies in the group chat and do some wacky poses for a nice change of pace! Some members would love this feature, but some administrators choose to remove this feature using the “Multimedia” settings.

The perfect group chat tool for trading

The RumbleTalk platform serves as a group chat for online traders, option traders, future traders, bitcoin traders, and every online trader community. It is one of the most advanced and secure group chats in the market.

If you’re still thinking of what group chat widget to use on your website, you now have an idea what RumbleTalk offers. From private one-on-one calls to customizable chat rooms, it serves it purpose of more than just a group chat tool for online trading.

With the chat monetization feature, online traders can also gain and share their ideas and trade secrets. RumbleTalk is a platform that freely lets you send images, documents, and more to enhance the quality of your discussions.

If you want to know more about the platform, you can check out the RumbleTalk website and the knowledge base.