Investing With Investa Club

Why You Should Put Your Money To Work At Investa Club

If you’re new to investing, joining a group of people who pool their money to make smart, low risk investment choices is a good way to get started. Investa Club gives individual investors collective power. Here’s how it’s done and how you can benefit from it.


Investa Club Is Smart

Investa Club do not invest in the stock market or other risky ventures. Instead, Investa Club pool their member’s money to provide business loans. Investa Club make solid, informed business loans that earn their investors and average monthly return of three percent. Your return is deposited right into your account each month.

Investa Club Is Safe

Investa Club work with a strategically selected group of businesses who will pay three percent or more to borrow your money. They use this money in a variety of ways to grow and expand their businesses. This is the exact same method banks and 401K providers use to invest. The difference is that they pay you pennies on the dollar for using your money.

Investa Club Cares

Investa Club used this trusted method to ensure you make more in monthly interest than the big banks and 401K plans currently pay. In addition, you’ll have total transparency on what’s going on with your money. Investor members have easy access to an investor portal. This means you’ll be able to see which business borrows your money, how much interest we charge, when their payments are due, and when those payments are made.

Investa Club has two types of Memberships. As an Investor Member, you trust Investa Club with your money and they invest it for you in exactly the way we outlined above. No surprises. Minimal risk. As a Borrowing Member, you’ll receive the cash you need to finance projects that grow and develop your business.

If you have a savings account or 401K plan but want to earn more interest than they are currently providing, call today at (844) 954 6837, contact online or download our free informational brochure. With as little as $500, you can change the way your money works for you.