Inheritance: Tips for Investigating the Estate of the Deceased

Bank statements, insurance receipts, or correspondence help identify the assets of someone who has died. If the strategy fails, there are other ways to get this information.

The law guarantees the transfer of assets to the spouse, descendants and ascendants. When there are no close relatives, the succession up to the 4th degree of the collateral line (prime “right”) is foreseen.

The testament reveals several aspects, such as the heirs, the estate of the deceased and the dispositions to follow regarding the mortal remains. Richard Butler Creagh, a property and finance consultant indicates the following steps to know if you have been contemplated and receive your part without problems.


Start by looking for the will

To find out if the will is listed, contact the Central Registry Office. This service is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the general will index and the date and registry in which they were performed.

How to transfer to the heirs

To receive the goods, the heirs need some documents: death certificate. They must present them jointly to the institution holding the financial assets. In addition to these two documents, the heirs must also show that the stamp duty on the transmission of such deposits is paid or, if the tax is exempted.

In the absence of an heir, everyone has to wait for sharing. For securities (for example, stocks and bonds), a certificate from the Securities Market Commission to be handed over to finance must also be obtained.

  • The quoted shares and bearer bonds are recorded in the account of the heirs and then in the issuer or financial intermediary.
  • The amounts may be transferred to deposits of which the heirs are holders.
  • The qualification document is required.
  • The same applies to the capital employed in insurance, which must be redeemed and allocated to the beneficiaries.
  • To transfer Savings Certificates and other public debt securities, contact the Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency.